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Baxter Black, DVM:  I Know You’ll Miss This Man

Baxter Black, DVM:  I Know You’ll Miss This Man

The Lord spoke to the heavy hearts that stood with hats in hand

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New studies in fly control help cattle

New studies in fly control help cattle

Jack Dillard

Shreveport Times

With the first day of summer behind us and the 4th of July ahead, the weather of summer is all around and I want to touch on the “hottest topic” within the beef industry…fly control. Lots of time, energy and money are spent addressing the problem by many and some just totally ignore the problem and let the animals suffer, along with the owners pocketbooks, as the cattle lose weight and money.

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Katie Miller: Young beef producer of the year

Katie Miller: Young beef producer of the year

Holly Spangler

Prairie Farmer

The Illinois Beef Association names Cambridge producer as its junior of the year. Here’s how leadership, public speaking and relationship building have helped her develop skills in the beef industry.

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Keep Records for Drug Withdrawal Times

Keep Records for Drug Withdrawal Times

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

When a food animal is given medication, it takes a certain amount of time for the body to break it down and eliminate it. During that period, the animal should not enter the food chain.

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Register for The 2018 Stocker Conference

Register for The 2018 Stocker Conference

Justin Miller

Registration for the 2018 Deep South Stocker Conference, co-hosted by Alabama Extension, is now open. The conference is set for July 13 from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. The event will be held at the Hale County College and Career Academy in Greensboro, Alabama. Mississippi State University Extension and the University of Georgia Extension will also be co-hosting the event.

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Summer is the Time to Scout for Forage Diseases

Summer is the Time to Scout for Forage Diseases

Cheryl Mackowiak


With the hot, humid and rainy return of summer, livestock producers can expect forage leaf and root diseases outbreaks in pastures.  Some of our most common forage diseases come from fungal organisms, but fungicides are rarely applied due to cost and label restrictions on livestock grazing. Grass forages can be attacked by foliar or soil-borne fungal diseases.

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Woolfolk Ranch Named BIF Commercial Producer of the Year

Woolfolk Ranch Named BIF Commercial Producer of the Year

Beef Improvement Federation

The Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) presented Kent and Tyler Woolfolk of Woolfolk Ranch near Protection, Kansas, the BIF Commercial Producer of the Year Award June 21 during the group’s annual meeting and symposium in Loveland, Colorado. This national award is presented annually to a producer to recognize their dedication to improving the beef industry at the commercial level.

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Shade helps cattle manage heat stress

Shade helps cattle manage heat stress

Beth Doran

Beef Magazine

Heat alone is hard enough on cattle. Add humidity and the heat index can become staggering. To help you plan for summer heat events, the USDA Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center, Neb. has developed a heat stress app for your cell phone.

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Nutrition program enhances beef bottom line

Nutrition program enhances beef bottom line

High Plains Journal

Doug Slattery, chief operations officer for 44 Farms in Cameron, Texas, said good gut health is the best way to keep cattle healthy. 44 Farms has a purebred and commercial Angus herd and produces beef in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Certified All-Natural program.

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Can Horses and Cattle Eat the Same Feed?

Can Horses and Cattle Eat the Same Feed?

Clair Thunes, PhD

The Horse

The short answer to your question is that all-purpose feeds are at best “okay.” Not optimal, but probably okay. This assumes that they’re really designed and safe for both species. I would never give horses feed made solely for ruminant species. The reason? Cattle feeds have the great potential of containing some type of ionophore (an antibiotic used in ruminant feed that is toxic to horses).

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