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Be ‘Master of Beef’ advocate

Be ‘Master of Beef’ advocate

Jayde Farbo


Ever been caught off-guard in a conversation with a consumer that somehow headed south past the point of repair? Where in the heck did that come from?

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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 signs your cows have gotten too darn big

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 signs your cows have gotten too darn big


10.  The squeeze chute won’t squeeze.

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Backgrounding calves may be profitable option

Backgrounding calves may be profitable option

Tri State Livestock News

With drought, lack of hay and volatile market prices, North Dakota cattle producers are faced with difficult choices. One option is to add value to the calves by feeding them in North Dakota instead of selling them. To address this issue, the North Dakota State University Extension Service is holding a series of local seminars on feeding and backgrounding calves and cow feed management.

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Perspective on the Cull Cow Market

Perspective on the Cull Cow Market

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

The bulk of U.S. beef cattle operations wean calves in the fall months, and that is also when they select cows for culling and begin to sell them. Many cow-calf operations in the drought impacted northern High Plains states have already pregnancy checked their cows, which is earlier than normal. Most of those cows already have or will soon be sent to market.

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Ranchers boost profits by fitting cows to their environment

Ranchers boost profits by fitting cows to their environment

Robert Waggener

Beef Producer

“Profitability leads to happy families and the desire for the next generations to see a place and a future in the business.” So says southeast Wyoming rancher Scott Sims, whose family is striving to maintain the lifestyle they love by taking care of their land and boosting income. They are achieving the latter by fitting cows to their harsh environment, weaning heifers much later and dramatically reducing supplemental feed costs.

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When Culling Time Comes Remember Wild Cattle are Hard to Manage and Hard on Your Bottom Line

When Culling Time Comes Remember Wild Cattle are Hard to Manage and Hard on Your Bottom Line

Oklahoma Farm Report

"October is a traditional weaning and culling time for spring-calving herds.   Weaning for value-added calf sales is already underway. This is a time when producers decide which cows no longer are helpful to the operation and which heifer calves will be kept for future replacements. Selecting against ill-tempered cattle has always made good sense. Wild cattle are hard on equipment, people, other cattle, and now we know that they are hard on the bottom line.

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Stockmanship Tips from the Ranchers Who Use Them

Stockmanship Tips from the Ranchers Who Use Them

John Maday


When purchasing ranch-direct calves, Colorado cattle feeder Steve Gabel says “I won’t buy them without verification they’ve received at least two doses of modified-live viral vaccine.” That was just one of the enlightening comments over the past weekend, when Colorado State University hosted a BQA Stockmanship and Stewardship workshop, with title sponsorship from Boehringer Ingelheim and support from the Colorado and national Beef Quality Assurance programs.

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