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FAQ: Cornstalk Grazing

FAQ: Cornstalk Grazing

Travis Meteer

University of Illinois

Grazing cornstalks is arguably the best cost-saving strategy Midwestern cattlemen can deploy. I wanted to share some frequently asked questions pertaining to grazing cornstalks.

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Herd Health and Genomics in One Spot

Herd Health and Genomics in One Spot

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Data management has become a priority for many in the cattle industry, as they work to get maximum benefit from DNA testing and herd health expenditures. A new website, AgBoost, creates a home for, and provides analysis of, that data.

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Late Season Fly Control

Late Season Fly Control

By A.J. Tarpoff

Bovine Veterinarian

Horn flies are blood feeding flies that impact production on cattle operations. Populations of these flies tend to peak in June. The hot dry days of summer tend to decrease the overall population. However, in late August to September as the temperatures begins to decrease and humidity increases, the horn fly population tends to peak again.

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Why Antibiotics Fail

Why Antibiotics Fail

Michelle Arnold

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) continues to be the most common cause of feedlot death loss, despite improved vaccines and expensive long-acting antibiotics formulated specifically against the bugs commonly found in a diseased bovine lung. Beyond death loss due to severe pneumonia, the costs of treatment (antibiotics) and prevention (vaccines), loss of production, and reduced carcass value in chronic cases must also be considered to understand the full economic loss to the industry.

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Recommendations on properly storing corn stover bales

Recommendations on properly storing corn stover bales

Monica Jean, Kevin Gould and Eric Anderson, Dennis Pennington

Michigan State University

As the season winds down, farmers have to decide whether or not to harvest their stover. To help assist farmers, the Michigan Corn Stover Project has developed three articles and a bulletin to inform their decision-making process. This article covers the proper way to store corn stover bales.

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Another Free-Trade Agreement is Under Fire. But Does It Matter?

Another Free-Trade Agreement is Under Fire. But Does It Matter?

Dr. Anton Bekkerman

Northern Ag

Saturday of the extended Labor Day weekend—I started seeing a trickle of stories that the Trump administration is preparing withdrawing from the South Korea–U.S. free-trade agreement (KORUS). While these reports were primarily focused on the geopolitical and military implications of this announcement (for example, see here and here), my first thought was (naturally): Is this another potential economic blow to the U.S. agricultural industry?

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Nebraska Extension to launch beef webinar series targeting feedyards

Nebraska Extension to launch beef webinar series targeting feedyards

The Fence Post

Nebraska Extension is offering a new way to get information on timely beef topics in a series of hosted webinars. The webinars will be on select Wednesdays for one hour, and will feature discussions from participants to determine educational needs on new topics, presentations by experts and updates on current activities.

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Rebooting Livestock Judging

Rebooting Livestock Judging

Virginia Tech

For decades, livestock evaluation and judging have been staple courses in the Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences, and over the years Virginia Tech fielded livestock judging teams to complete in intercollegiate contests across the country. Due to declining interest, however, Virginia Tech has not had a livestock judging team for several years.

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Cowgirls are naturals at pen riding duties

Cowgirls are naturals at pen riding duties

Jeff Rice


Say the word "cowgirl," and the name Dale Evans probably comes to mind. But Jenny Breuer and the other five pen riders at the D&D Feedlot West near Crook — real cowgirls who really work cattle every single day — could hardly be mistaken for Roy Rogers’ famous tune-crooning wife/sidekick.

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Importance of pregnancy checking beef cattle

Importance of pregnancy checking beef cattle

Emily Buxton Adams

Coshocton Tribune

I’m not sure where the time has gone, but I am welcoming autumn with open arms. The soybeans are turning and many are dropping leaves already. And those first early trees are exposing their true colors once again.

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