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BeefTalk: Who Gets the Weight?

BeefTalk: Who Gets the Weight?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Traditional management sells Dickinson Research Extension Center steer calves at 609 pounds, and nontraditional management sells the center’s long yearling steers at 1,264 pounds. Have you ever added water to a dried sponge and watched the sponge expand? The cow-calf industry resembles the sponge.

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How Expensive is “Cheap” Hay?

How Expensive is “Cheap” Hay?

Stephen B. Blezinger, PhD, PAS

Cattle Today

Every year, countless cattle operations find themselves in a similar situation. For one reason or another it becomes necessary for them to purchase at least some of the hay they will need for winter feeding.

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Producer preps by adding windbreaks, watching feed

Producer preps by adding windbreaks, watching feed

Bill Tiedje

Iowa Farmer Today

As nights grow colder and the days get shorter, many cow-calf producers are now busy with upkeep of their winter cattle buildings and lots. In Central Iowa, Matt Cibula of Cib’s Gelbvieh prepared his equipment and buildings for winter Nov. 7.

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The trick with winter water to keep your cattle drinking

The trick with winter water to keep your cattle drinking

Steve Kenyon

Canadian Cattlemen

The leaves are turning a bit early this year and we are gearing up for another winter season here at Greener Pastures. The “drought of 2015 has taken its toll on producers in our area. My neighbour stated to me that he has not seen it this dry in 55 years. Hay is very expensive so bale grazing is not looking like an economical feeding method this year.

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What the market wants in cull cows

What the market wants in cull cows

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

Of the roughly 32 million head of cattle slaughtered every year in the United States, about 20 percent are culled cows and bulls. And the sale of cull cows represents a significant enterprise for ranchers, typically accounting for about 15 to 20 percent of annual returns to cow-calf operations.

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Management decisions for fall-calving beef herds

Management decisions for fall-calving beef herds

Beef Producer

As producers with spring calving herds are completing weaning and moving cows to winter range, fall calving herds are gearing up for the next breeding season.

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Fattest-Ever U.S. Cattle Herd Signals End to Record Beef Prices

Fattest-Ever U.S. Cattle Herd Signals End to Record Beef Prices

Linly Lin

Washington Post

Cattle in the U.S. are now the fattest they’ve ever been, signaling an end to the seven-year run of record beef prices just as losses begin to mount for American feedlot owners.

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