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Weather, management go into calving timetable decision

Weather, management go into calving timetable decision

Benjamin Herrold

Iowa Farmer Today

University of Missouri livestock specialist Ted Cunningham has seen a rise in popularity for fall calving, as opposed to spring calving. “The popularity of fall calving has really increased,” he said. “The majority is still spring, but it’s a very slim majority.” Cunningham, based in Dent County in South Central Missouri, said the grasses common to his region have led more beef producers to make the switch.

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How Much Can Selective Harvest Improve The Feed Value Of Baled Corn Stover For Cattle?

How Much Can Selective Harvest Improve The Feed Value Of Baled Corn Stover For Cattle?

Mary Drewnoski

University of Nebraska

The short answer is a lot! The valuable components of corn stover in terms of feed are the leaf and husk because they are the most digestible (have the most energy value to the animal) but they only comprise about 40% of the residue produced. UNL research has shown that the husk is 60% digestible, the leaf is 46% digestible and the cob and stalk are only 35% digestible.

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All About The Bull

All About The Bull

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

A good bull could cost $3,000 to $5,000. Divided out over 10 heifers, that is a lot of investment on a per-head basis. The cost of AI, at first glance, would seem to be less.

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Ranchers seek to add more value to black calves

Ranchers seek to add more value to black calves

Candace Krebs


Commercial ranchers who produce Starbucks quality cattle want to capture more than just a Folgers price, but they typically prefer not to retain ownership through the feeding phase.

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The role of gender-sorted semen in rebuilding the beef herd

The role of gender-sorted semen in rebuilding the beef herd

Justin Rhinehart

Progressive Cattleman

At the time of writing this article, many areas of the U.S. are experiencing a rebuilding phase in the cow-calf sector. There is a great deal of discussion about many aspects of this rebuilding phase, including how long or how rapidly it will continue, where the increase in cow numbers will concentrate geographically and whether the additional numbers will come from an expansion of conventional cow-calf production from established ranches or if it will come from the addition of new producers using what are considered to be unconventional methods.

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Trampled Grass = Soil Fertility

Trampled Grass = Soil Fertility

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

You’re just setting that pasture up for quicker, better regrowth.  Keeping cover on the soil is also good for the soil microbes that help you create fertile soil for growing better forage.  This grazing management has meant that he’s increased his grazing days, and he’s reduced the need for adding nitrogen fertilizers.

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Understanding the value of vaccines

Understanding the value of vaccines

Dr. Ron Clarke

Canadian Cattleman

Although vaccines have been used commercially for more than 70 years, the bulk of vaccines available on the market has not changed significantly. They are still mostly the products of either live or killed whole virus or bacterial culture.

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