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Observe bulls early in breeding season

Observe bulls early in breeding season

Glen Selk


The fall breeding season is about to begin. Herds that aim for a Sept. 1 first calving date, will turn bulls with the cows in the latter part of November. Bulls that have been recently added to the bull battery, and bulls that have not been used since last year, should pass a breeding soundness exam before the breeding season begins.

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South Carolina Cattle Breeder, Leader Dan Warner Passes

South Carolina Cattle Breeder, Leader Dan Warner Passes

Greenwood Today

Since he began farming in 1947, Dan had been deeply involved with Clemson University, the South Carolina 4H Club, Clemson Bull Test Station and Clemson Angus Futurity which was dedicated to him and Viola in 2007. He served on the boards of: South Carolina Angus Association, as well as American Angus Association, South Carolina Farm Bureau, South Carolina Soil Conversation, Farm Service Agency, National Cattleman’s Association, as well as, the South Carolina Cattleman Association, Greenwood Beef Producers and The Grange.  Mr. Warner was an elected officer in most of these associations.

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Who Needs Cows?

Who Needs Cows?

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

"My idea is to get rid of the cows,” said Colorado State University research scientist and cattleman George Seidel during the Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle Symposium (ARSBC) in Davis, Calif.

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Quickly Estimate Pounds of Dry Matter in Pasture

Quickly Estimate Pounds of Dry Matter in Pasture

Troy Bishopp

On Pasture

Estimating how much forage you have available in a pasture is easy when you’ve got a good grazing stick.  Here I show you how to use one.  If you don’t have a grazing stick already, here’s a link to places you can find one!   Remember that different areas require different measurement sticks.

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Apple acidosis – or are your cows just drunk?

Apple acidosis – or are your cows just drunk?

Melissa Bravo

Progressive Forage Grower

According to the Iowa Beef Center’s Beef Cattle Handbook, “acidosis is the most important nutritional disorder in feedlots today.” Acidosis occurs in ruminants and other animals when they binge eat too much sugar, such as apples or starch (grains).

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Trichomoniasis shaves profit from the beef cattle industry

Trichomoniasis shaves profit from the beef cattle industry

Robert Fears

The Eagle

Trichomoniasis, commonly referred to as Trich, is discussed often at field days and seminars because of its economic impact on the beef cattle industry.

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Beef Quality Assurance workshop gives cattlemen education for continual improvement.

Beef Quality Assurance workshop gives cattlemen education for continual improvement.

Kasey Brown

Range Beef Cow Symposium XXIV

The beauty of BQA is that it isn’t a mandatory program; it is an education program and shows just how many progressive cattlemen there are, said Tracey Walsh, director of industry relations for South Dakota BQA. BQA helps ensure to consumers that their beef was raised in the best possible way, and it has evolved from just addressing injection-site lesions.

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Red River landowners take battle with feds to court

Red River landowners take battle with feds to court

Fort Worth Star Telegram


Seven families are suing the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in federal district court, accusing the agency of perpetrating an “arbitrary seizure” of land along a 116-mile strip of the Red River, whose meandering has spurred a century’s worth of property disputes along the Texas-Oklahoma border.

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Beef carcass quality is in the eye of the buyer

Beef carcass quality is in the eye of the buyer

Debbie Furber

Canadian Cattleman

There’s no question that feed can be used to manipulate carcass composition and quality. The ultimate question is what market you want to target.

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Let’s Discuss the ‘Slaughterhouse’ Truck

Let’s Discuss the ‘Slaughterhouse’ Truck

Kellie for Ag

This week there was an article published explaining how animal rights activists were disgusted with a toy for children. They started calling it the “slaughterhouse” truck. Word spread around social media, making parents question if they should, in fact, buy such a toy for their children. Well, with my agricultural background, I thought I would inform you all of what a ‘slaughterhouse’  truck really was.

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