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Baxter Black, DVM:  Sale Barn Transactions

Baxter Black, DVM:  Sale Barn Transactions

John B and I were discussing how hard it must be for an auctioneer to say somethin’ good about every thing that walks through a sale barn ring.

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Feeding Poor Quality Hay.

Feeding Poor Quality Hay.

Travis Meteer

University of Illinois

Remember what a miserable year it was trying to get dry hay put up? In west-central Illinois, the rainy weather made it near impossible. In the month of May, we recorded rainfall on 15 of 31 days. In June, rainfall was recorded on 19 of 30 days. Here at the Orr Research Center in Perry rainfall totaled 26.5 inches for the months of May, June, and July. That is 68% of the normal annual rainfall in just 3 months.

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Avoiding the pitfalls of non-conventional cattle feeding programs

Avoiding the pitfalls of non-conventional cattle feeding programs

John McKinnon

Canadian Cattleman

There are several byproduct/alternative feeds that producers may be forced to try this winter for the first time that are high in sulphur. The first group that comes to mind is the various byproducts arising from the ethanol industry.

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Management Strategies to Take on Heat Stress in Cattle

Management Strategies to Take on Heat Stress in Cattle

Megan Rolf

Oklahoma Farm Report

As fall arrives, temperatures are getting cooler. Cattle producers won’t have to worry about heat stress for several more months. Oklahoma State University assistant professor Dr. Megan Rolf said in the Southern Plains it’s always important to know how to manage heat stress, because it’s going to come back.

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Get more profit from stocker calves!

Get more profit from stocker calves!

Beef Producer

Stocker cattle represent a great opportunity to turn forages into profit for the savvy cattleman. Stocker calves represent a lot of potential gain, but also a lot of potential loss. The keys to a successful stocker program lie in pasture management, cost control and animal management.

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Red Angus names Grid Master winners

Red Angus names Grid Master winners

Tri State Livestock News

The Grid Master award, presented by the Red Angus Association of America, recognizes excellence in commercial cattle and the cattle feeding industry. During the National Convention, Harold Bertz, RAAA director of business development, announced the recipients of the 2015 Grid Master awards.

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Hard work, good life earn Clover farmer top state award

Hard work, good life earn Clover farmer top state award

Jennifer Becknell

The Herald

Farming is dirty work with long hours and few vacations. But Evelyn Edmunds would prefer no other way to raise her children and live her life.  At 87, Edmunds roams her 300-acre farm in a little red pickup truck, checking daily on a herd of about 55 black Angus cattle that come running when she calls.

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2015 Minnesota Beef Expo is a Success

2015 Minnesota Beef Expo is a Success

Minnesota Farm Guide

Exhibitors and attendees came together from across the Upper Midwest for the 15th Annual Minnesota Beef Expo held at the Minnesota State Fair’s Lee & Rose Warner Coliseum Thursday, Oct. 15 through Sunday, Oct. 18. The Minnesota Beef Expo brings together cattle producers and youth livestock exhibitors to celebrate and promote the beef industry.

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New beef plant opening in Aberdeen, South Dakota

New beef plant opening in Aberdeen, South Dakota

Laura Fagen


Nearly two years after the inital purchase of a plant, New Angus LLC is ready to open their new DemKota Ranch Beef plant now that they have been cleared by the USDA, reports Mikkel Pates for the Grand Forks Herald.

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Do the right thing by preconditioning cattle – and get paid for it

Do the right thing by preconditioning cattle – and get paid for it

Alexis Kienlen

Alberta Farm Express

While preconditioning makes sense from a health perspective, it’s far from standard practice. In fact, a western Canadian cow-calf survey found only nine per cent of producers preconditioned in 2013. And those who do typically have a clear financial incentive, said Canfax Research Services manager Brenna Grant.

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