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Starving To Death On A Full Stomach

Starving To Death On A Full Stomach

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

It was the perfect storm. Actually, it was a series of storms. In the summer of 2013, it rained incessantly, Phil Moshell recalled. It left the cattleman baling 10- and 12-week-old grass, instead of 4- and 5-week-old grass. The Morris, Ga., producer put up 2,000 round bales of bermudagrass mixed with a little bahiagrass.

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Don’t Let Nitrates Cost Cattle Lives

Don’t Let Nitrates Cost Cattle Lives

Dr. Bruce Anderson

University of Nebraska

Will you feed cane, millet, or oat hay, or maybe corn stalk bales, to your cows this winter? If so, don’t let high nitrate levels kill your cows or cause abortions. Nitrates occur naturally in all forages. At low levels, nitrates either are converted into microbial protein by bacteria in the rumen or they are excreted. But when nitrate concentrations get too high, they can kill cows and maybe abort calves.

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Should you buy expensive feed or custom feed your cows?

Should you buy expensive feed or custom feed your cows?

Canadian Cattleman

“Lack of moisture curtailed pasture and hay production in many areas of Alberta this year,” says Dean Dyck, farm business management specialist, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Stettler. “As a result, feed and hay prices have risen dramatically from a year ago. Producers are faced with either buying expensive feed or moving their livestock to feed if they want to keep ownership and equity in their animals. Choosing an option depends on the economics of each alternative.”

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Senate blocks revised WOTUS, but will debate its elimination

Senate blocks revised WOTUS, but will debate its elimination

Beef Producer

Senators on Tuesday voted narrowly to block a measure that would revise the Waters of the U.S. regulation, though the legislators voted to proceed on consideration of a resolution that would effectively eliminate the rule completely.

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National listening tour on regulation of livestock markets held

National listening tour on regulation of livestock markets held

The Cattle Business Weekly

The Livestock Marketing Association (LMA) recently concluded a nine-stop, national listening tour to gather membership feedback on Packers and Stockyard Act requirements and how GIPSA executes the requirements. More than 200 livestock auction market operators and professional buyers attended LMA’s in-person listening sessions or contacted LMA to provide individual feedback. Countless others gave input in one-on-one conversations with LMA Region Executive Officers.

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Genomics identifies better heifers for more pounds and better beef

Genomics identifies better heifers for more pounds and better beef


Commercial cow-calf producers are starting to realize that genomics can provide insights about economically important traits in the “unseen world” that can help drive better herd management, breeding decisions and profitability.

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Regenerative grazing may improve soil health

Regenerative grazing may improve soil health



The improvements in soil health resulting from targeted grazing are largely due to the longer resting periods of the plots of land. This method achieves a lower percentage of bare soil, higher values of infiltrability and a larger number of earthworms, which help to oxygenate the soil and render it more fertile. What is more, a larger quantity of roots and a greater presence of macrofauna were observed on the pastures analysed.

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Spring Stable Fly Control Starts in Winter

Spring Stable Fly Control Starts in Winter

Kaitlin Morgan

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

The stable fly is the most concerning pest for producers of both pasture and feedlot cattle, according to Ludek Zurek, Kansas State University (K-State) professor of entomology. Because stable flies are difficult to control, especially around pastured cattle, he encourages producers to be proactive and begin controlling stable-fly populations even when they cannot be seen.

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Profitable Cattle About More Than Genetics

Profitable Cattle About More Than Genetics

Oklahoma Farm Report

Good cattle genetics are the core of every cattle herd. At the recent Heart of America Farm Show, Dr. Don Coover, a veterinarian from Southeastern Kansas that runs SEK Genetics, talked about how a profitable program is based on good genetics, but even more importantly is having cattle that fit a producer’s environment and management style.

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Adams County rancher shot and killed by deputies

Adams County rancher shot and killed by deputies


Idaho State Police are investigating after a Council rancher was shot and killed Sunday by deputies with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. The incident began when a Subaru station wagon crashed into a bull on US 95 north of Council at about 6:45 p.m. Emergency responders and Adams County deputies responded and were working to extricate the two people inside the car.

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