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“Bud Boxes” Gaining in Popularity for Cattle Handling

"Bud Boxes" Gaining in Popularity for Cattle Handling

David Hartman

Penn State University

The Bud Box takes advantage of two natural instincts of cattle. First, when pressured, cattle typically want to return to where they came from. And second, cattle typically go around something causing them pressure (eg., people).

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As Michigan farmers age, the future of agriculture unclear

As Michigan farmers age, the future of agriculture unclear

Ron French


The average Michigan farmer in 2012 was 57.6 years old, eight years older than the average for farmers a generation ago in 1982, and almost 16 years older than the median Michigan worker in 2012, the most recent statistical year available. While the graying of Michigan’s farmers isn’t likely to have an impact on consumers, it is reshaping what we think of as traditional family farms in the state.

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Once in a lifetime opportunities through livestock judging

Once in a lifetime opportunities through livestock judging

Clay Sundberg

BCR News

I have been competing on the LaSalle County Livestock Judging team since I was 8. In livestock judging, I judge cattle, swine, sheep and goats from best to worst based on how they look. Livestock judging has taken me very far over the past years, and this year was no exception. This past summer, the LaSalle County team won the state contest in the reasons division and I was lucky enough to be on the team. This did not just come in one day though; it took years of work, and we started working extra hard this year.

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Iowa Lakes Community College offers new Beef Feedlot Technician Course

Iowa Lakes Community College offers new Beef Feedlot Technician Course


Iowa Lakes Community College, in cooperation with the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, has developed a Beef Feedlot Technician short course. In just six weeks, the course will educate participants on safety recommendations, animal handling principles, and general equipment maintenance to prepare them for the industry.

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Want a more efficient cowherd? Start with early-born heifers

Want a more efficient cowherd? Start with early-born heifers

Burt Rutherford


Momentum, says Brad White, is a wonderful thing. It will carry a team to win in the fourth quarter and it will carry your cowherd to levels of reproductive efficiency that will benefit your operation for years to come. And it all starts with your heifers.

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Five considerations for preg-check season

Five considerations for preg-check season

Kevin Hill

Bovine Veterinarian

It is pregnancy-check season in many parts of the country now – a time to identify and sell open cows and take steps to ensure pregnant cows deliver calves that are as healthy and strong as possible to help them thrive in the face of normal neonatal challenges. Here are five considerations for preg-check to help ensure the last 90 days of pregnancy have a positive impact on your herd’s future.  

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Texas ranchers bullish on beef-peddling potential of Pacific trade pact

Texas ranchers bullish on beef-peddling potential of Pacific trade pact

Michael A. Lindenberger

Dallas Morning News

As Congress weighs whether to commit the U.S. to a 12-nation free-trade pact, Texas cattle ranchers are looking overseas to put a better cut of steak on dinner plates in Japan, Vietnam and Australia. That global outlook has been on display in the two weeks since the World Health Organization announced that eating too much beef is more than just bad for the heart — it might cause cancer, too.

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What minerals do stocker calves require?

What minerals do stocker calves require?

Dana Zook

Enid News

A past professor once told me “the best product is the one that works best for your operation,” and I believe this much is true for cattle mineral.  For most people, myself included, mineral nutrition is an ever-moving target. There are hundreds of mineral products out there, each boasting their claim to fame. Stocker cattle on small grains pasture have unique mineral requirements that must be addressed to provide increased weight gain.

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The Real Cattle Class: Cows Fly to China on 747s

The Real Cattle Class: Cows Fly to China on 747s

Angus Whitley


Next time you’re stuck on a long-haul flight in a packed, economy-class cabin, being ignored by a frazzled flight attendant, spare a thought for the passengers on a recent flight from Melbourne to Chongqing in China. They were cows.

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‘Cattle cops’ help with rustlers

‘Cattle cops’ help with rustlers

Star Beacon

Rarely do we hear about problems with cattle rustlers in this part of Ohio. When we do, they usually are livestock that are out on pasture or isolated from the barn or farm home. Most of our dairy herds are not pastured but fed in the barn while most beef herds are on pasture. It makes them more vulnerable to rustlers or those who want to steal them.

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