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Consider long-term goals in fall cattle vaccination plan

Consider long-term goals in fall cattle vaccination plan

Beef Producer

When implementing a fall vaccination program for a cow herd, Grant Dewell, Iowa State University Extension beef veterinarian, and Chris Clark, ISU Extension beef program specialist, say it’s important to keep in mind long-term goals, short term needs, and herd reproductive status.

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Certified Angus Beef Specialist Describes Today’s Perfect Steer

Certified Angus Beef Specialist Describes Today’s Perfect Steer


Dykstra has worked with feedlots as Beef Cattle Specialist for the Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand for the past 13 years, managed the USDA Meat Animal Research Center’s feedlot before that, and has a current interest in a commercial cowherd in western Nebraska. "I really believe we can do this," he said, noting the need for performance "on the hoof, on the rail and on the plate."

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5 tips for managing feed intake in calves

5 tips for managing feed intake in calves

Amanda Radke


“Feeding beef cattle is an art and a science,” writes Roy Burris, University of Kentucky Beef Extension professor, in a recent Ohio State University Extension Beef Newsletter. Whether using a bunk or a self-feeder, there are several considerations to ensure cattle get the most out of the ration.

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Keep those calves coming

Keep those calves coming

Candace Krebs

AG Journal

Many cattlemen began reassessing their strategies this fall when the beef market took a tumble, but in general cattlemen should forge ahead with rebuilding cow numbers because the U.S. is still roughly two million beef cows short of what it needs, according to area extension specialists.

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Fall prep can lead to healthier pastures

Fall prep can lead to healthier pastures

Emma Hopkins

Ag Answers

Fall is the ideal time for livestock producers to walk their pastures and assess what may need to be improved before next year’s grazing season, a Purdue Extension forage specialist says.

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Webinar Offers Insight on the Economics of Planting Cover Crops

Webinar Offers Insight on the Economics of Planting Cover Crops

The Ohio State University

Growers who plant cover crops instead of tilling their soil will save money upfront and have healthier soils and better yields long-term, says a soil health and cover crops expert with the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University.

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UT bull test center enhances evaluations with DNA testing

UT bull test center enhances evaluations with DNA testing

Ginger Rowsey


DNA testing for all animals will now be included as part of the standard evaluations at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture’s Bull Test Center. According to experts, DNA tests provide valuable information about young animals that could improve the accuracy of genetic predictions. With increased accuracy, cattle producers can make better breeding and management decisions and increase the value of their herds.

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Calving schools planned for December and January

Calving schools planned for December and January

Kansas State University

When it comes to calving, timely assistance can cut calf death losses by half and help boost the cow’s reproductive health after delivery, according to a Kansas State University animal scientist.

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Beef liver abscesses an economic concern for beef industry

Beef liver abscesses an economic concern for beef industry

Debbie Furber

Canadian Cattlemen

Liver abscesses continue to be an economic concern for the beef industry, even with modern feeding practices. They are worth around 60 cents a pound if suitable for human consumption, but more important than the direct loss when abscessed livers have to be condemned is the effect on performance and carcass characteristics.

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Angus for the ages

Angus for the ages

Carrie Napoleon

Chicago Tribune

Chuck Huseman says that as early as childhood he could not imagine a life that did not involve raising Angus cattle like his father and his grandfather before that. Growing up on a south Lake County farm is filled with memories of working alongside his father, William, tending the cattle and raising them to show in competition at county fairs. A century’s worth of trophies, ribbons and pictures of the farm’s rich history fill a room telling the story of this family tradition.

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