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BeefTalk: Summer Safety for the Farm and Ranch

BeefTalk: Summer Safety for the Farm and Ranch

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Safety never should be taken for granted on any farm or ranch. And even more so when guests arrive, so plan ahead. There is nothing like a nice summer evening as family and friends are gathered for relaxation out in the country. The noise and busyness are removed, leaving some time for just being.

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What is a Pasture Inventory and How Do You Do It?

What is a Pasture Inventory and How Do You Do It?

Jim Gerrish

On Pasture

A pasture inventory provides an assessment of what you have available in your pastures at a given point in time. Just like a retail sales business conducts periodic inventories to know what they have on the shelf to sell, any grazing farm or ranch should know what they have available in the pastures as standing feed.

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Taking a Lesson From Developing World, Chicago High School Teaches Cattle Farming

Taking a Lesson From Developing World, Chicago High School Teaches Cattle Farming

Yahoo News

Here’s an image you might not expect: Imagine a group of agricultural heavyweights from Nebraska on the far South Side of Chicago. In starched jeans and boots, they’re visiting a 72-acre agricultural operation with a 40-acre farm, aquaponics outfit, and farm stand, all located within city limits.

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eBEEF.org launched at BIF

eBEEF.org launched at BIF

Jared Decker

A Steak in Genomics

A new website dedicated to beef cattle genetics has been launched at the 2015 Beef Improvement Federation Conference. eBEEF.org is part of the national eXtension program with the goal of being a one-stop site for beef cattle genetics and genomics information.

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Cover crops as a livestock feed

Cover crops as a livestock feed

Frank Wardynski

Michigan State University

Cover crops have been promoted in recent years to improve soil health. Ruminant livestock producers have opportunities to utilize cover crops as high quality feed.

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Be on the lookout for poison hemlock in hay

Be on the lookout for poison hemlock in hay

Tom Bechman

Beef Producer

Socrates met his end because his enemies figured out how to poison him. They used poison hemlock. Unfortunately, thousands of years later, it’s appearing more frequently, and it could be a threat to your livestock.

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Large-animal vets in short supply

Large-animal vets in short supply

Errol Castens

Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

If you are one of the estimated 10,000 cattle producers in Mississippi, you may have faced a challenge in finding a veterinarian to treat a sick or injured animal right away.

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Bigs Lead Littles at Red Angus Show

Bigs Lead Littles at Red Angus Show

Nebraska TV ABC

One of our nation’s most vital industries experiences record prices, yet many worry about attracting young people into the business. That’s because livestock is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle.

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Why Factory Farming Isn’t What You Think

Why Factory Farming Isn’t What You Think

Phil Lempert

Supermarket Guru

It is possible for a factory farm to both be profitable and be considerate towards the animals’ life-quality. Knowing the difference between factory farms’ treatment of animals, based on a food label or packaging is impossible for most consumers. There is not enough information provided, and unfortunately, the majority of shoppers do not know what

House Passes Trade Promotion Authority

House Passes Trade Promotion Authority


The U.S. House of Representatives passed Trade Promotion Authority today with a vote of 218 to 208, as stand-alone legislation. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association strongly supports TPA and applauds the House for taking this necessary step to securing future free trade deals that will boost American exports.

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