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The Right Vaccine for a Bull

The Right Vaccine for a Bull

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

When deciding which product to use, be sure it contains tetanus. Tetanus is not a common problem in cattle except when they are banded, so most clostridial products do not contain it even if they are a 7- or 8-way.

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OSU’s Dr. Place Calls Sustainability – a ‘Wicked Problem’ for Beef Industry

OSU’s Dr. Place Calls Sustainability – a ‘Wicked Problem’ for Beef Industry

Oklahoma Farm Report

The 2015 edition of the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) convention was held earlier this month in Biloxi, Mississippi. One of the presenters was Dr. Sara Place, associate professor of animal science at Oklahoma State University. She was tackling the issue of sustainability. For the beef industry, she said you have to measure three different aspects to understand sustainability.

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5 Things You Learn From Showing Cattle

5 Things You Learn From Showing Cattle


Growing up in a family that showed livestock, I often took for granted the things I was learning along the way. I thought it was normal to get up at 5:30 every morning and make sure all of the four-legged, 1,000-pound animals ate breakfast before I did. I thought every kid had friends across the state, who they spent more time with than their classmates.

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COOL retaliation imminent

COOL retaliation imminent

Pork Network

Time is running out to avoid retaliation by Canada and Mexico in Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) disputes. The U.S. objected to Canada’s request for nearly $2.5 billion in retaliatory tariffs stemming from the recent World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling on COOL for meat. During a June 17 meeting of the WTO Dispute Settlement Body (DSB), the U.S. referred the issue to arbitration, which delays —by at least another 60 days—Canada and Mexico’s ability to seek sanctions for retaliatory trade measures.

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Into the teeth of poison hemlock country

Into the teeth of poison hemlock country

Mike Rankin

Hay and Forge Grower

Poison hemlock was everywhere across the southern region of the Show-Me State; it was in fencerows, pastures, road ditches, along interstate highways, and growing out of the concrete cracks at your favorite convenience store parking lot.

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How digestible is the starch in your corn silage?

How digestible is the starch in your corn silage?

Stacey Smart

Dairy Herd Management

Total starch is a common term thrown around when discussing rations, but it does not tell the whole story. The amount of rumen degradable starch – or starch available to the rumen microbes – is a critical element in cow performance.

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Understanding Consequences to Change Animal Behavior

Understanding Consequences to Change Animal Behavior

Beth Burritt

On Pasture

When someone asks you for help, do you prefer to be asked nicely and then be rewarded with a “thank you” or “nice job?” Or do you prefer they scream to get you moving and then criticize you when you’re finished? What ridiculous questions!

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When mob grazing is not mob grazing

When mob grazing is not mob grazing

Bruce Anderson

Progressive Forage Grower

Mob grazing is popular. If you aren’t mob grazing yourself, you know someone who is mob grazing. Or are they?

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VFD Rule Finalized: Insights on changes in feed-grade antibiotic use

VFD Rule Finalized: Insights on changes in feed-grade antibiotic use

Russ Daly


The FDA’s Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) ruling will change the classification of “medically important” feed-grade antibiotics from their current over-the-counter status to the VFD designation.

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Alan Newport named Drovers CattleNetwork Editor

Alan Newport named Drovers CattleNetwork Editor

Cattle Trader Center

Alan Newport has joined Vance Publishing Corporation as Editor of Drovers CattleNetwork. He will represent the brand at industry events and will work closely with managing editor John Maday and assistant editor Laura Mushrush to bring the most relevant and valuable beef industry news and topics to U.S. ranchers.

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