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Baxter Black, DVM: Dead Sheep

Baxter Black, DVM: Dead Sheep

There’s been a dead sheep out in Brent’s wheat field for a month.

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BeefTalk: May Calving is Productive

BeefTalk: May Calving is Productive

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

I remember discussing calving with a beef producer during one of the less-than-desirable mid-April days. You know the kind of day: 28 degrees, wind, rain, snow, mud and other combinations of weather. A stocking cap, another cap, wet gloves, heavy boots and other cold-weather clothing are common to the occasion.

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MARC updates across-breed EPDs for 2015

MARC updates across-breed EPDs for 2015

Larry Kuehn and Mark Thallman


When cattle producers first began to use expected progeny differences (EPDs) in their genetic decision-making, it was easy to compare bulls of the same breed. But because of the nature of EPDs, it was impossible to compare EPDs of bulls from different breeds.

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Getting Prepared For The Veterinary Feed Directive

Getting Prepared For The Veterinary Feed Directive

Jill J. Dunkel

Feedlot Magazine

In the winter of 2017, feed store shelves may look a little different. Gone will be the days of producers walking in a store and purchasing items like medicated milk replacer or Aureomycin crumbles to top dress on feed without veterinarian involvement.

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Can the U.S. Become Voluntarily COOL?

Can the U.S. Become Voluntarily COOL?

Chris Clayton


Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts and his committee’s ranking member, Sen. Debbie Stabenow, head into a hearing Thursday clearly divided on the issue of country-of-origin labeling for meat.

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Herd of cows ‘may have wanted to eliminate’ professor

Herd of cows ‘may have wanted to eliminate’ professor

The Herald

An independent cattle expert has told an inquest that a herd of 30 cows which trampled to death a university professor may have wanted to "eliminate" him. Andrew Marshall said there was a high risk of attack as the breed of cows which rounded on Mike Porter were "unpredictable", "more excitable" and "less calm".

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Greeley meatpacker JBS eyes bigger role in consumer beef markets

Greeley meatpacker JBS eyes bigger role in consumer beef markets

Emille Rush

Denver Post

JBS USA is one of the largest beef processors in the nation, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the Styrofoam trays in the grocery store.

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Performance of replacement heifer calves following deworming

Performance of replacement heifer calves following deworming

Jeremy Powell and Elizabeth Backes

Bovine Veterinarian

Internal parasites are estimated to cost the U.S. cattle industry over $2.5 billion annually. Parasite burdens have been reported to decrease animal appetite, feed efficiency, ADG and total gain performance. Parasites also have potential to negatively affect reproductive performance of cows and developing heifer calves due to their effect on gain performance.

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Pain management issues when castrating and dehorning

Pain management issues when castrating and dehorning

Heather Smith Thomas

The cattle industry has been moving toward improvements in low-stress handling, better ways to manage cattle. One issue that still needs to be addressed is pain management when doing routine procedures such as branding, castrating and dehorning.

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Storing wet hay could cause barn fire, Purdue forage specialist warns

Storing wet hay could cause barn fire, Purdue forage specialist warns

Darrin Pack

Ag Answers

With parts of the Midwest experiencing wetter-than-normal weather conditions, a Purdue Extension forage specialist is urging farmers to make sure their hay is adequately dried before baling and storage to reduce the risk of barn fires.

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