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Baxter Black, DVM: Saturday Night

Baxter Black, DVM:  Saturday Night

Dang it, someone spilt their coffee on the deck of cards again.

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Texas Cattle Ranchers Whipsawed Between Drought And Deluge

Texas Cattle Ranchers Whipsawed Between Drought And Deluge

Andrew Schneider

New Hampshire Public Radio

The drought finally broke for Texas ranchers late last year. The range and pasturelands on which cattle graze began to recover. Then came the spring. In Cameron, about 140 miles northwest of Houston, the rain began falling at the start of May — and didn’t stop all month.

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Where’s the beef (from)? Tracking meat from farm to fork

Where’s the beef (from)? Tracking meat from farm to fork

Leslie Young 

Global News

So you’ve bought a steak at your local grocery store for dinner. Want to know about the animal it came from? That’s not so easy.

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Think we can end California’s drought by eating differently? Think again

Think we can end California’s drought by eating differently? Think again

Nathanael Johnson


There’s so much confusion about California’s drought, and a lot of my colleagues in the media, I’m sorry to say, have been amplifying that confusion. The proliferation of stories showing how much water various food products use implies that people should be eating water-thrifty foods — but that would do precisely nothing to fix the problem.

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Managing to Keep Up With the Grass

Managing to Keep Up With the Grass

Victor Shelton

On Pasture

For many of us this spring, we’ve had typical weather: unpredictable. Forage growth and quality has really been good for some and with some of the early warm days and adequate moisture in most areas, it had the potential to get completely out of control.

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Beef program offers quality assurance recommendations

Beef program offers quality assurance recommendations

Steve Byrns

Southwest Farm Press

Texas beef producers have an opportunity June 29-30 to update management practices to produce safe, top quality products. Beef 706 is a free quality assurance program scheduled for the Everett E. Turner Range Animal Science Building, E. U.S. Highway 90, on the Sul Ross campus at Alpine.

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Defending beef to today’s consumer

Defending beef to today’s consumer

Kerry Halladay

Western Livestock Journal

The realities of what ranchers do are very important and oftentimes difficult to explain to consumers. Nicolette Hahn Niman of Niman Ranch fame tried to tackle a particularly important—and notoriously difficult—topic to ranching.

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Can ranching be sustainable without profits?

Can ranching be sustainable without profits?

Burke Teichert


Since the word “sustainability” has been used or misused in so many ways, I want to use it here as meaning “being able to endure, not diminishing or removing opportunities for future generations.”

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COOL on the chopping block

COOL on the chopping block

Jay Sjerven

Food Business News

The House Committee on Agriculture on May 20, in a lopsided 38 to 6 vote, approved HR 2393, a bill that would repeal Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) requirements for beef, pork and chicken products.

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Barbecue camp brings university meat science to consumers

Barbecue camp brings university meat science to consumers

Dee Shore


A first-of-its-kind workshop series may have been called North Carolina Barbecue Camp, but its topics went beyond the state’s traditional Eastern and Lexington styles as presenters delved into the cuisine of other national barbecue hot spots such as Memphis, Kansas City and Texas.

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