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Controlled Breeding Season Brings Price Advantages

Controlled Breeding Season Brings Price Advantages

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

Lawrence Bernard used to be the kind of cattleman who let nature take its course. Years ago, he used a year-round breeding program and as a result, had near year-round calving.

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NCBA Lobbyist Colin Woodall Talks TPA and COOL- Hoping for Congressional Resolution on Bot

NCBA Lobbyist Colin Woodall Talks TPA and COOL- Hoping for Congressional Resolution on Both

Oklahoma Farm Report

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is watching a couple of trade issues closely as they are worked on by the US Congress.

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Preventing negative side-effects of cattle vaccinations

Preventing negative side-effects of cattle vaccinations

Roy Lewis

Manitoba Cooperator

There are now a multitude of vaccines on the market for all facets of the beef and dairy industry. Vaccinating has become part of the biosecurity program on your farm, ranch or dairy. It is good for our industry as it controls disease, minimizes antibiotic use, improves production, and decreases death or losses from abortion.

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VFD webinar now available on-demand

VFD webinar now available on-demand

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

Over 1,000 participants linked into the live webinar through BovineVetOnline.com, CattleNetwork.com and PorkNetwork.com.  The one-hour webinar now is available for viewing on-demand.

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4-H Animal Care and Well-Being Guide released

4-H Animal Care and Well-Being Guide released

Melissa Elischer

Michigan State University

County fairs are a wonderful opportunity for 4-H youth to share their animal science knowledge with visitors of all ages. With fewer and fewer people having a direct connection to agriculture, many questions arise about common practices to care for animals, especially during the fair.

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Our cattle spread a little calcium every day

Our cattle spread a little calcium every day

R. P. Doc Cooke

Beef Producer

The vast majority of minerals and trace minerals fed to cattle or other animals in a non-acidic form pass through the gastrointestinal tract and straight into the manure.

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Preschoolers Learn Work Ethic at Shorthorn Junior Nationals

Preschoolers Learn Work Ethic at Shorthorn Junior Nationals

Steve White


Not old enough to tie their shoes, kids as young as three throw on their boots and enter the livestock ring. Work ethic is learned early in the cattle business. Early in the day, and early in life. Tejlor Strope said, "I was five when I showed by myself for the first time. I’ve been doing it quite a while now."

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Effect of Water Sulphate on beef cattle

Effect of Water Sulphate on beef cattle

Travis Peardon

Southwest Booster

Sulphate can be found in almost all natural water and is probably the most common contaminant of water sources for livestock in Saskatchewan. High levels of sulphate in drinking water have considerable impact on both health and performance of animals

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Delinquent Cows

Delinquent Cows

Carole Soule

Concord Monitor

Summer is here, turkey chicks are feasting in the garden and calves are still arriving. Just over over half of our expected calves have been born. We are expecting 8 more. So far this year I only assisted one birth.

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Going Green: Grassfed Beef Finds its Niche

Going Green: Grassfed Beef Finds its Niche

Julie Morris


When our family business first started marketing grassfed beef in 1991 people wrinkled their noses and asked “What’s grassfed beef?” Today, it’s a common choice on menus and in butcher cases everywhere.

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