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BeefTalk: Grass Turnout Date is More Than a Desire

BeefTalk: Grass Turnout Date is More Than a Desire

Kris Ringwall

NDSU Extension Service

Evidence of the calving season in the northern Great Plains is clear. All one needs to do is drive down any road and look at the pastures. You will see lots of calves bouncing around on warm days.

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Scours can be caused by virus, bacteria or more

Scours can be caused by virus, bacteria or more


Farm & Ranch Guide

Calf scours are not the problem, but rather a symptom of a problem. According to A. W. Layton, a veterinary pathologist with the Montana State Diagnostic Lab, there can be multiple causes of diarrhea including infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria, protozoa, nutritional imbalance and often a combination of these causes.

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Purebred breeders stick to tried and true Angus

Purebred breeders stick to tried and true Angus

The Western Producer

Trilling meadowlarks and slick, black cows moving through belly deep pastures greet visitors to Schaff Angus Valley. Owners Kelly and Martie Jo Schaff have been raising some of the best purebred cows and bulls in North America since 2001, when they took over the ranch near St. Anthony.

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FDA backs off animal feed rule affecting brewers

FDA backs off animal feed rule affecting brewers


San Francisco Chronicle

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Thursday it will revise proposed livestock feed rules after hearing objections about the potential cost from brewers who sell grain leftover from making beer to ranchers and dairy farmers.

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Suspected Brazil BSE Case

Suspected Brazil BSE Case

Alastair Stewart


It appears that all it took was for me to highlight the promising outlook for Brazilian cattle ranching on Wednesday for problems to emerge.

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Is There A Game Change Just Ahead For Ranchers?

Is There A Game Change Just Ahead For Ranchers?

Harlan Hughes


The beef market is changing and ranchers must critically examine their business plan moving into the next cattle cycle.

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The unlikely cowgirl

The unlikely cowgirl

Elena Kadvany

Mountain View Voice

At first glance, Nicolette Hahn Niman is a walking contradiction. A vegetarian from Minnesota and former high-powered environmental lawyer who launched crusades against the U.S. meat industry, she’s now married to the founder of Niman Ranch, the Bay Area’s pioneering natural-beef purveyor, and has become a cattle rancher who passionately defends the production and consumption of beef.

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