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Baxter Black, DVM:  A Cow Hanging

Baxter Black, DVM:  A Cow Hanging

John lives down the road from me. We have cattle across the fence from each other. He is good at a lot of things; carpentry, electronics, sports and hunting, but cows are not his strong suit. He runs a handful on 90 acres.

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Cattle sorting skills facilitate management

Cattle sorting skills facilitate management

Ryan Reuter

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Sorting cattle is one of the real arts of animal husbandry. Sorting can be done for many reasons and by many methods. Often the goal of sorting a group of cattle is to put like kinds together. For instance, one might sort cows from calves, steers from heifers, etc.

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Choose cell grazing for improved pasture and profit

Choose cell grazing for improved pasture and profit

Jesse Bussard

Progressive Forage Grower

When it comes to improving pasture and rangeland health, ranch management consultant Dave Pratt says to stay away from agronomic principles and instead apply ecological principles to land management.

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Simple Plan for Incoming Stockers Cuts Losses

Simple Plan for Incoming Stockers Cuts Losses

Ken McMillan and Victoria G. Myers

The Progressive Farmer

Over the years, Ken McMillan has seen a lot of stocker operations come and go. The Alabama veterinarian and cattleman developed a checklist producers can use as they bring in stocker calves.

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Export Economics

Export Economics

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

Exports of U.S. agricultural products during the last 10 years have seen phenomenal increases — and have been a boon to the U.S. economy.

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Ensuring Consistent Body Condition of Mama Cows Proves Profitable

Ensuring Consistent Body Condition of Mama Cows Proves Profitable

Glen Selk

Oklahoma Farm Report

“After a long, hard winter we’re beginning to run short of hay supplies. In many cases the pastures that the cows have been grazing have been grazed down to where there’s very little left. The quality of the warm season grasses that they are on, such as native or bermuda grass pastures, at this time of the year is extremely low. And the cows just can’t get much energy or, certainly, protein out of those grasses.”

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Cattle Are Crazy About Soybean Hay

Cattle Are Crazy About Soybean Hay

Hay and Forage Producer

One day this winter, Craig George fed grass hay to his 60 beef cows, then put two bales of soybean hay a short distance away. “I went back about half an hour later just to look, and about 75% of those cows had left the grass hay and went to the beans,” says George, of Thorp, WA.

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Farm Bill Stinks for the Meat Industry, and That’s Not Entirely Bad

Farm Bill Stinks for the Meat Industry, and That’s Not Entirely Bad

 Andrew Martin


When all the spoils were divvied up in the farm bill that passed the House of Representatives this week, the meat industry was generally considered a loser. But there is some consolation buried in the legislation, not so much a silver lining as a clay one—filled with manure.

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Shortening the Breeding and Calving Season

Shortening the Breeding and Calving Season

Katie Allen


Calves born in the first 21 days of the calving season are often the heaviest in their contemporary group at weaning, and that advantage often carries through to harvest, if the producer retains ownership. The shorter the calving period, the more uniform those calves are going to be, said Sandy Johnson, beef cattle specialist for K-State Research and Extension.

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