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The Beef Industry in 2025

The Beef Industry in 2025

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

Plenty of people are wondering what the beef industry will look like in another 11 years. The national cow herd has dwindled, and the cattle-feeding and beef-packing sectors are burdened by overcapacity.

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Forage Cocktails for Beef Cattle

Forage Cocktails for Beef Cattle

Karla H. Jenkins


Late March or early April is the time to plant spring forage cocktails for beef cattle grazing. Spring forage cocktails can be planted as a way of shortening fallow time between crop rotations or they could be planted as part of a series of annual forage crops to be used through the grazing season.

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Precaution or paralysis

Precaution or paralysis

John Maday


Excessive caution and risk aversion could stifle critical innovation in agriculture, just as the world needs more efficient food production to keep up with explosive population growth.

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New Treatment Can Decrease E. coli Concentrations in Meat by 99%

New Treatment Can Decrease E. coli Concentrations in Meat by 99%

Beef Producer

Treating food products with viruses that target and kill bacteria – called bacteriophages – could significantly reduce concentrations of E. coli, a Purdue University study released this week shows.

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Ancient African Cattle First Domesticated in Middle East, MU Study Reveals

Ancient African Cattle First Domesticated in Middle East, MU Study Reveals

Dr. Jared Decker

A Steak in Genomics

New genetic history of cattle allows for better breeding methods, reveals new aspects of human history.

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Get Terrific Tonnage From Soybean Hay

Get Terrific Tonnage From Soybean Hay

Neil Tietz

Hay and Forage Grower

Steve Norberg wonders if growers will be physically able to mow, field-dry and bale 7-10 tons of hay per acre in a single cutting. That’s his biggest concern about the feasibility of growing irrigated soybeans for hay production.

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FDA leniency urged on grain-disposal rules

FDA leniency urged on grain-disposal rules

Boulder County Business Report

U.S. Sen. Mark Udall wants to make sure new federal rules don’t create too much of a burden for craft brewers and ranchers in Colorado.

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Farm Bureau opposes EPA water proposal

Farm Bureau opposes EPA water proposal


Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy says the proposed new Clean Water Act will not require farmers to obtain new permits. McCarthy says farming practices that do not currently require permits will not need them when the rule becomes law.

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Flatulent cows and the global warming hysteria

Flatulent cows and the global warming hysteria

Wesley Pruden

Washington Times

Cows, like Rodney Dangerfield, don’t get no respect.  Methane is a useful and plentiful gas, like butane and propane, and it’s a natural resource, expelled from the digestive tracts of nearly every animal on the planet.

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Drylot management proving valuable way to raise cow/calf pairs

Drylot management proving valuable way to raise cow/calf pairs

Karla Hernandez

Tri State Neighbor

The use of a drylot beef cow/calf system is an alternative management system to the traditional methods of pasture or range beef production. By definition, a drylot system involves confining cow/calf pairs in a feedlot environment during part or all of the summer or fall grazing season.

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