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When scours leaves the barn and enters the home

When scours leaves the barn and enters the home


Farm & Ranch Guide

Scours is a common ailment for many producers, yet they may not know that some strains of scours are zoonotic.

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Brush up on haylage history

Brush up on haylage history

Bovine Veterinarian

Haylage can present unique ensiling challenges and taking a closer look at your operation’s haylage history helps determine management improvements and inoculant choices to consider this year.

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Brazilian Beef Import Still Too Risky, Agriculture Groups Say

Brazilian Beef Import Still Too Risky, Agriculture Groups Say

Janell Baum

Beef Producer

The extended public comment period on a USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service proposal to allow the importation of fresh beef from some Brazilian states closed on Tuesday after stakeholders left nearly 600 comments for APHIS’ review. Many groups representing beef interests say the risk of importing beef from Brazil is still too great, as the country has not yet eradicated foot-and-mouth disease.

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Hay Bale Converters Unroll More Profit

Hay Bale Converters Unroll More Profit

Neil Tietz

Hay and Forage Grower

From now on, the small square balers at Goolsby Farms, Jasper, FL, will only be used on rainy days and in winter. Instead of round baling just a portion of the hay from their 1,000 acres of Coastal bermudagrass, David Goolsby and sons David Jr. and Clay will harvest it all that way. They’ll store the bales under cover, then use a bale converter to turn them into small squares as orders come in.

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Sustainability: More Than a Buzzword

Sustainability: More Than a Buzzword

Kasey Brown

Angus Journal

Sustainability is a word producers and consumers alike are beginning to hear rather often. This trend is only going to increase in frequency as major corporations like McDonald’s and Walmart join the sustainability bandwagon. How does this affect beef producers?

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Lilly eyes emerging markets in Novartis animal-health deal

Lilly eyes emerging markets in Novartis animal-health deal

Lincoln Daily News

Gus Trompiz and Ransdell Pierson

The purchase of Novartis’ animal-health business will strengthen Eli Lilly’s hand in emerging markets, tapping into growing demand there for protein-rich diets and household treatments for pets, top executives of the U.S. company said.

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Purdue sees meat science rebirth

Purdue sees meat science rebirth

National Provisioner

Purdue University is once again an exciting place to study meat science. With the addition of three new faculty hires, the Purdue College of Agriculture has made it clear that meat science is important and valued as Indiana’s land-grant university.

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Meeting the cows’ nutritional needs after calving

Meeting the cows’ nutritional needs after calving

Warren Rusche


How to address the nutritional needs of a cow herd after calving is critically important to have a successful start to next year’s calf crop. To maintain a 365-day calving interval then re-breeding has to occur 82 days after calving.

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Skill set will dictate receiving protocol

Skill set will dictate receiving protocol

Progressive Cattleman

The need for skilled operators to take naïve, light or unhealthy cattle to the next level is as strong as it has ever been with tight supplies, expensive antibiotics and high feed costs. These factors also make it hard to be profitable in the stocker business.

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Profits increase for cow-calf ranchers

Profits increase for cow-calf ranchers



Cow-calf ranchers may be the last romantics of American agriculture. And these days that romance stands to be profitable — very profitable.

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