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BeefTalk: Are 60 Percent Calving in First 21 Days?

BeefTalk: Are 60 Percent Calving in First 21 Days?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Just do it: Grab a pen and paper to calculate the percentage of cows calving in the first 21 days of the calving season. This is a very important number to record and think about as one develops management plans and reviews those plans.

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Reproductive Tools Available for Beef Producers

Reproductive Tools Available for Beef Producers

Mary Lou Peter

Angus Journal

Record-high cattle prices early this year mean there’s that much more at stake for the 2014 breeding season, according to Kansas State University (K-State) beef reproduction specialist Sandy Johnson.

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Corn stover: When does removal make sense?

Corn stover: When does removal make sense?

Mark Seamon

Michigan State University

Demand for corn stover is growing in the United States. Two industries have identified this secondary product as a valuable feedstock, creating market opportunities for growers. One is the cattle feed industry, which is using corn stover as a low cost winter forage.

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New names, terminology abound in today’s meat case

New names, terminology abound in today’s meat case

Gene Lucht

Iowa Farmer Today

When Paul Lasley thinks about all the names that confront him when he walks down the supermarket aisle, he has to laugh. “I’m a Midwesterner so I’m probably more comfortable with the cuts of meat than a lot of folks on the coasts, but when it comes to fish I have to ask,” the Iowa State University rural sociologist says.

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Getting cattle down the road safely

Getting cattle down the road safely

Laura Mushrush

Bovine Veterinarian

Whether it’s a cattle tractor-trailer load of stocker steers being hauled to a feedyard, or a stock trailer moving cows to summer pasture, precaution must be taken into consideration when transporting cattle.

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Meat Groups OK Merger, Will Occur in 2015

Meat Groups OK Merger, Will Occur in 2015

Beef Producer

American Meat Institute General Members this week voted unanimously to proceed with a merger with the North American Meat Association. The vote occurred during a special meeting of the AMI membership and is the last step necessary to finalize a merger, slated to occur January 1, 2015.

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Food Manufacturers Say Proposed Animal Feed Rule Costly, Bad Policy

Food Manufacturers Say Proposed Animal Feed Rule Costly, Bad Policy

Andy Eubank

Hoosier AG Today

Food manufacturers send a lot of their waste to be turned into animal feed – including expired marshmallows, broken crackers and orange peels. Bloomberg reports the Food and Drug Administration’s proposed animal feed rule under the Food Safety Modernization Act could make it too expensive for these businesses to recycle un-used food in this way.

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Range war controversy

Range war controversy

Mark Mendiola

Western Livestock Journal

Cattle producers in Nevada and Utah are somewhat torn about the controversial standoff between embattled Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management that has resulted in the federal government’s confiscation of Bundy’s livestock.

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Best Measure Of Ranch Sustainability Is Economic Profitability

Best Measure Of Ranch Sustainability Is Economic Profitability

James McGrann


Sustainability is a buzzword these days, often invoked by food-service providers and retailers who increasingly say they’re committed to sourcing food from sustainable beef production systems.

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Feds turning puddles into dangerous waters for farms

Feds turning puddles into dangerous waters for farms

Jim Krencik

The Daily News

Rep. Chris Collins, R-Clarence, is raising alarm that Clean Water Act revisions under EPA and Army Corps of Engineers consideration would expand the waterways under federal authority — and constrict farm families’ control over their fields.

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