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Food companies unhappy with FDA feed proposal

Food companies unhappy with FDA feed proposal



Expired marshmallows, broken crackers, stale donuts, even orange peels are among the billions of pounds of would-be waste that help feed livestock every year. By regularly diverting its waste in this way, the food industry prevents millions of tons of greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere, but an obscure proposal under a 2011 food safety overhaul could inadvertently send much of the reusable food back to landfills.

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Producers Benefit from Smart Technology

Producers Benefit from Smart Technology

Linda Breazeale

Cattle Today

Today’s cattle producers have a variety of technological applications available on their smartphones, which are about the size of the little notebooks their predecessors once carried in their shirt pockets for record keeping.

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Incorporating Genomics

Incorporating Genomics

Jena McRell

Angus Journal

Accuracy and reliability are becoming required tools of the trade for many in agriculture. On a diversified farm in central Illinois, T.J. Curtin has seen that reality in all areas of production — from growing corn and soybeans to raising registered Angus bulls.

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Evaluating bulls prior to turnout

Evaluating bulls prior to turnout

Farm and Ranch Guide

High prices are providing an incentive to cattlemen to expand the nation’s drought-riddled cow herd. With fewer cows in the nation’s breeding herd, it is important to make each cow count, says a University of Illinois Extension beef specialist.

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Calf branding/processing time and BQA

Calf branding/processing time and BQA


It is spring and that means branding time across cattle country. As producers are finishing calving season and preparing for branding/processing, it is important to review Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) guidelines.

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Beef Consumption May Hit Record Declines This Year

Beef Consumption May Hit Record Declines This Year

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

I am truly worried that the impending drops in per capita beef consumption this year will become one more step down in the long decline of US consumers’ beef eating.

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Do Soybeans Need N Fertilizer?

Do Soybeans Need N Fertilizer?

Emerson Nafziger

University of Illinois

There has been a great deal of interest in recent months in the idea of using nitrogen fertilizer during the growing season to increase soybean yields. This is somewhat surprising given that there has been so little evidence from published and unpublished reports showing that this practice increases yields, let alone provides a return on the cost of doing this.

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Ranchers advocate for common sense in Washington

Ranchers advocate for common sense in Washington

Theodora Dowling

Western Livestock Journal

“Remember, when you walk into those offices tomorrow, you’re the expert in the room when it comes to ranching and what’s happening on the ground,” said Dustin Van Liew, looking out at a crowd of cowboy hats, boots and sport coats.

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Stretching Feed Supplies to Make it to Grass Season

Stretching Feed Supplies to Make it to Grass Season


Long, cold winters are common here in Manitoba and can leave a dent in a cattle producers’ feed inventories.  When cattle producers face low feed supplies, different options for wintering cows need to be considered.

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What Drives Value In a Feedyard Steer?

What Drives Value In a Feedyard Steer?

Burt Rutherford


Is there a “holy grail” of feedyard efficiency, the one factor that will determine the color of ink at the bottom of the closeout?

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