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New Technology Means Increased Consistency and Efficiency in Grading for Beef Industry

New Technology Means Increased Consistency and Efficiency in Grading for Beef Industry


The USDA Choice and USDA Prime grade shields are highly regarded, both domestically and internationally, as symbols of high-quality American beef.  Cattle producers and feeders increasingly rely on USDA grades to determine payments for their cattle—a vital link to supporting and sustaining rural America.

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The Udder Issue

The Udder Issue

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

Congratulations to those cow-calf producers who have never grappled with udder issues. You may be in the minority, though, for plenty of cow persons do have experience with mandatory mammary manipulation.

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Optimizing Winter Annuals

Optimizing Winter Annuals

Darrell L. Rankins, Jr., Auburn University

Many producers utilize winter annuals, small grains and/or ryegrass, to complement their forage program.  The question is, are they utilized in the most optimal way?  Instead of unrestricted access to the forage, what about limited access such that the high-quality forage becomes a supplement?  Most producers base their winter feeding program on free-choice hay with the use of some supplements after calving.

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Hereford Taking a Global Leadership Role

Hereford Taking a Global Leadership Role

Cattle Today

The American Hereford Association (AHA) has positioned itself to incorporate genomic technology and to discover the genomic markers that are economically relevant to the Hereford breed.

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Producers Invited To ISU Beef Nutrition Research Showcase

Producers Invited To ISU Beef Nutrition Research Showcase

Beef Cattle News

AMES, Iowa , People who attend Iowa State University (ISU) football games and who also are interested in beef research have a unique opportunity awaiting them on the date of the final home ISU football game on Nov. 18. ISU’s Iowa Beef Center and beef nutrition faculty and staff are planning the "Beef Nutrition Research Pre-game Showcase" beginning that morning.

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Keep Calving Rates High

Keep Calving Rates High

Boyd Kidwell

Progressive Farmer

With 800 brood cows, Tim Sutphin of Dublin, Va., knows the importance of a good calving season. He and wife, Cathy, run a 2,270-acre cow/calf operation at Hillwinds Farm in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Texas Ranger, Texas Rancher, The Passion of Nolan Ryan

Texas Ranger, Texas Rancher, The Passion of Nolan Ryan

Gene Hall

American Cattleman

Baseball fans see Nolan Ryan in the owner’s box at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. They know him as part owner, president and chief executive officer of the Texas Rangers. Or perhaps the legions of fans see Ryan in their cherished memories – the seven no-hitters, the 27 major league seasons, the all-time strikeout record, or the 324 wins.

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Ranching in the Amazon: a brief look at unprecedented growth

Ranching in the Amazon: a brief look at unprecedented growth

R. Smeraldi; P., H. May


Ranching in the Amazon spread at an unprecedented rate over the last five years. This brief documents this recent growth and argues that it now requires additional and undivided attention on the part of government authorities, the market chain, financial institutions, scientists and civil society organisations.

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Considering forages for this winter

Considering forages for this winter

Ivan Rush

Tri State Livestock News

Even though most of the northern high plains was blessed with spring rains that produced ample amounts of forage, several factors have developed that may change our winter feed resources.

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Forage costs and planning ahead

Forage costs and planning ahead

Rick Rasby

Angus Journal

It seems annual cow costs get higher each year, or at least they can potentially increase each year. This year is no exception. Drought has increased forage prices nationally.

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