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It’s Harvest & Weaning Time

It’s Harvest & Weaning Time

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

Harvest time is weaning time in cow-calf country. This can be a stressful time for the cow, the calf and the farmer/rancher.   Probably the most critical weaning decisions a rancher or farmer needs to make are gauging when and where to wean. 

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Effects of shipping on feedlot cattle

Effects of shipping on feedlot cattle

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

Throughout their lives some cattle will get shipped three or four times depending on the plan for those cattle. “We talk about moving them to stocker or feedyards from the cow-calf operation,” says Brad White, DVM, MS, Kansas State University.

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Corn stover makes excellent beef cow feed

Corn stover makes excellent beef cow feed

Kevin S. Gould, Michigan State University Extension

Many beef cow-calf producers overlook one of the most economical feed sources right in their back yards. MSU Extension suggests using corn residue, a readily available resource in the southern half of the lower-peninsula that can be economically grazed or mechanically harvested. When hay is in short supply or high priced, corn stover quickly becomes an economical beef cow feed.

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Hoosier Beef Congress Will Mark 25th Anniversary

Hoosier Beef Congress Will Mark 25th Anniversary

Tom Bechman

Prairie Farmer

Two beef producers in charge of a committee to get more involvement in the Indiana beef industry some 25 years ago hit upon an idea that stuck. In fact, their idea has exceeded expectations, and blossomed into the Hoosier Beef Congress. It will celebrate its 25th anniversary Dec. 2 – 4 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis.

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Brown Ranch founder from Virginia plantation

Brown Ranch founder from Virginia plantation

Jerry Lackey

Go San Angelo

More than a century ago, Robert Herndon "R.H." Brown started buying up land in Throckmorton County that would grow into 33,000 acres and one of the largest cattle ranches on the rolling plains of Texas. The ranch holdings also include land in Colorado.

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Panhandle Feeders partners with CAB

Panhandle Feeders partners with CAB

High Plains Journal

Cee Arnett is the manager of Panhandle Feeders of Gage, Okla., which recently signed on with Certified Angus Beef brand as a partner in the Feedlot Licensing Program.

That’s why Panhandle Feeders of Gage, Okla., places young cattle on grass, wheat or other forage for cost-effective gains while maintaining their best health and quality.

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Beef Cattle Nutrient Requirements

Beef Cattle Nutrient Requirements

Mississippi State University

Beef cattle require nutrients to support body maintenance, reproduction, lactation, and growth. The nutritional needs of beef cattle vary by age, class, stage of production, performance level, and weight.

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Texas driving its cattle north amid drought

Texas driving its cattle north amid drought

Los Angles Times

The herds are thin and weak after trying to survive on dry grass. Ranchers are shipping them out to verdant land in Nebraska, Colorado and elsewhere, hoping to preserve their trademark brands.

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Beef contest may net scholarships to students

Beef contest may net scholarships to students

The Messenger

High school juniors and seniors interested in cattle and beef production could take home more than $7,500 in scholarships from the Beef Scholarship Extravaganza that will be held Dec. 16 in Ames.

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Increase in hay prices hurts cattle producers

Increase in hay prices hurts cattle producers

Dan Piller

Des Moines Register

The sun has been shining in Iowa, but the state’s farmers haven’t made enough hay.

A drop in hay acres by as much as 20 percent, by farmers intent in cashing in on high corn prices, has left hay supplies tight. Prices have increased 30 to 40 percent above last year and left cattle producers annoyed and in no mood to expand their herds.

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