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Baxter Black: Misery index rises quickly among cowboys

Baxter Black: Misery index rises quickly among cowboys

Amarillo Globe-News

Economists have a mythical figure called the misery index. It is the total of the unemployment rate added to the inflation rate.

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Safer beef, better prices?

Safer beef, better prices?

Jonathan Knutson


Justin Brown says his company has an electronic system that can ensure the quality and safety of U.S. beef. He also says his business can improve the profits and protect the privacy of U.S. cattle producers.

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The Golden Age of Farming

The Golden Age of Farming

Elaine Kub


Its red leather bindings are covered in 104 years’ worth of farm dust, and from it I’ve learned that a mare named Kate produced a colt named Dexter on May 21, 1908, but the colt died soon thereafter. I’ve learned other things, too — that the price of barley in 1907 was $0.85 per bushel, and a circus ticket cost 50 cents.

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Livestock producers have risk management options

Livestock producers have risk management options

Ron Smith

Southwest Farm Press

Cattlemen and other livestock producers have several new risk management products available that will help with loss of production and declining prices.

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Progress on Johne’s Vaccine Continues

Progress on Johne’s Vaccine Continues

Beef Today

Research efforts to find a more effective Johne’s vaccine has now moved into Phase III, with five different vaccines being tested on goats at the University of Georgia.

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Be wary of dry, dusty conditions

Be wary of dry, dusty conditions

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State Livestock News

What a harvest season! It is so dry the fields seem to spontaneously combust as they are harvested. The fire departments can hardly keep up. First 15 miles one direction to fight a fire; then another call 10 miles in the other direction. The dry conditions have really produced a dust problem.

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Beef Checkoff Sets Budget for 2012

Beef Checkoff Sets Budget for 2012

Cattle Today

The Cattlemen’s Beef Board will invest about $39.8 million, from a total budget of about $42.1 million, into programs of beef promotion, research, consumer information, industry information, foreign marketing and producer communications in Fiscal Year 2012, if the recommendation of the Beef Promotion Operating Committee is approved by USDA, following review by the full Beef Board.

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