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Al Gore is wrong about ag

Al Gore is wrong about ag

Greg Henderson


Al Gore is wrong. Maybe not about everything, but he’s wrong about industrial agriculture.

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Modern Beef Production is “Green”

Modern Beef Production is “Green”

Cattle Today

Efficient cattlemen and women are a boon for the environment.

“In every part of the world we’re going to face the issues of feeding more people on less land with fewer resources,” she said, citing estimates that by 2050 worldwide population will increase by 50 percent and we’ll need 70 percent more food to support that.

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Masters in Their Field

Masters in Their Field

Miranda Reiman

Angus Journal

A meat industry veteran paces his hotel room, practicing for the oral portion of a final exam.

Six months earlier this salesman rode along with Kansas ranchers to experience what they do every day to produce the high-quality beef he markets.

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Symposium will address cost-effectiveness of producing high-quality beef

Symposium will address cost-effectiveness of producing high-quality beef

Agri-Life Today

The 4th Korea-U.S. International Joint Symposium scheduled Nov. 1-2 at Texas A&M University will help beef cattle producers learn more about producing high-quality beef and handling competition from the biofuels industry for corn and other grains, according to organizers.

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U.S. beef markets undergoing dramatic changes

U.S. beef markets undergoing dramatic changes

Oklahoma State University

The change of seasons this fall has heralded a change in U.S. beef markets as well, particularly with the dramatic increase in the Choice/Select spread over the past two months.

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Hidden Dangers in Hay

Hidden Dangers in Hay

Del Deterling

Progressive Farmer

It’s a scary sight! Just a few hours ago you fed sorghum hay to your cows and now one is lying dead. Several more are having trouble breathing. You could lose the herd.

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Ranchers Petition Gov. Perry For Hay Bale-Out After Historic Drought Stunts Texas Crop

Ranchers Petition Gov. Perry For Hay Bale-Out After Historic Drought Stunts Texas Crop

Brantley Hargrove

Dallas Observer

​Texas ranchers, bowed under the driest year in state history, are looking to Gov. Rick Perry for help. In an online petition, they’re asking him to use the Texas National Guard and any state resources at his disposal to bring hay into the starving ranch country.

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Patsy Houghton Named K-State Animal Science Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipient

Patsy Houghton Named K-State Animal Science Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipient

Mary Lou Peter

Gardner Edge

Patsy Houghton, known to many as the force behind the now-common concept of professional heifer development, has been named the recipient of Kansas State University’s Department of Animal Sciences and Industry Distinguished Alumnus Award.

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New era of SDSU Extension

New era of SDSU Extension

The Cattle Business Weekly

Forty-four field specialists have been hired for the eight Regional Extension Centers located throughout the state.

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HSUS: Americans Rely on Us to Protect Farm Animals

HSUS: Americans Rely on Us to Protect Farm Animals
Anna-Lisa Giannini
Beef Today
Not only do Americans gainfully support HSUS, but most Americans "rely on HSUS to protect farm animals, not just dogs and cats," Paul Shapiro, Senior Director of Farm Animal Protection at the Humane Society of the United States, told a group of food security advocates at the 2011 Food Summit in Chicago today.

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BIF: The beef industry’s best kept secret

BIF: The beef industry’s best kept secret

Sally Northcutt

Angus Journal

Behind the scenes lies a sleeping giant — the roots of genetic prediction and the resulting expected progeny differences (EPDs) widely utilized by the industry today. The purpose of the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) is subtle, but ultimately paramount when viewing the impact of genetic selection tools in the seedstock industry.

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Producers Invited to ISU Beef Nutrition Research Showcase

Producers Invited to ISU Beef Nutrition Research Showcase

Joe Sellers, Sherry Hoyer

Iowa State University

People who attend Iowa State University (ISU) football games and who also are interested in beef research have a unique opportunity awaiting them on the date of the final home ISU football game on Nov. 18. ISU’s Iowa Beef Center and beef nutrition faculty and staff are planning the “Beef Nutrition Research Pre-game Showcase” beginning that morning.

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Perform Necropsy When Cause of Death is Unknown

Perform Necropsy When Cause of Death is Unknown

Heather Smith Thomas

Cattle Today

If an animal dies and the cause of death is unknown, it often pays to have your veterinarian perform a necropsy to try to determine what happened, especially if a change in management could eliminate the risk for further deaths in the herd.

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Transport effects and shrink

Transport effects and shrink

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine 

Cattle can get transported three to seven times in their lives, and there is increasing public concern about the transport conditions of livestock.

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Spot Your Top Heifers

Spot Your Top Heifers

Del Deterling

Progressive Farmer

Raymond Schneider, 75, admits retirement briefly crossed his mind several years ago. But new agricultural technology has him so excited that he keeps putting aside any thoughts of slowing down.

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Pfizer Animal genetics, Certified Angus Beef Announce New Product Agreement

Pfizer Animal genetics, Certified Angus Beef Announce New Product Agreement


A new DNA test for marbling and post-weaning growth will soon help cattle producers better hit the high-quality beef target. The tool, set to debut in early 2012, will be made available under a development agreement between Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI) and Pfizer Animal Genetics, the companies announced.

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Farm program cuts

Farm program cuts

Rich Pottorff

AG Professional

Leaders of the House and Senate Ag Committees sent a letter to the “super committee” last week suggesting that spending on agriculture and nutrition programs should not be cut by more than $23 billion over 10 years. The letter did not contain any specifics about what programs to cut or by how much, but the Committees said specific recommendations would be provided by Nov. 1.

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Keeping the Farm in the Family workshop

Keeping the Farm in the Family workshop

Rushville Republican

Keeping the Farm in the Family is a free educational workshop that provides information to help family farm and business owners make informed decisions about their farm or business.

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How cattle farmers can help steer local kids in the right direction

How cattle farmers can help steer local kids in the right direction

Lisa Shrewsberry

The Beckley Register Herald

What began as a cooperative program between cattle farmers and nonprofit ministries in North Dakota back in 1957 may help West Virginia youth today in matters of the heart and soul if Mel Hancock of Fellowship of Christian Athletes has any say-so.

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Still time to add value to the calf crop

Still time to add value to the calf crop

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State Livestock News

Field work is progressing at a record pace; it won’t be long before it is wrapped up. Thankfully we received enough rain last week to decrease the risk of harvest fires. I’m sure many producers pressed in the remainder of their winter wheat before Oct. 15.

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