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Properly sizing up today’s beef cattle

Properly sizing up today’s beef cattle

Benton Glaze, Jr 

Progressive Cattleman

Beef cattle producers have long debated the correct size and type of cattle in the industry.

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Export strength helps market for beef cattle

Export strength helps market for beef cattle

Steve Adler


For cattle ranchers including Luke Reimers of Orland, beef exports play an important role in their marketing strategy.

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Livestock Fence and the Law

Livestock Fence and the Law

Troy Smith

Hereford World

Do your livestock fences meet the law’s requirements? Some livestock owners may be unaware that state laws prescribe when a fence is required, what kind of fence it should be and who has responsibility for building and maintaining it.

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Drought Management Decisions Critical for Survival

Drought Management Decisions Critical for Survival

Stephen B. Blezinger, PhD, PAS

Part 3

In this final part of our discussion of issues which must be considered when working through drought periods and low forage situations, we will continue to look at toxic substances as well as other items of concern.

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What Your Cow’s BCS Can Tell You

What Your Cow’s BCS Can Tell You

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

It’s September 10, and Alan Graybeal is not a happy man. This time of year he’s normally taking paddocks out of his grazing rotation to stockpile cool-season forages. It’s his standing hay in the winter. But not this season.

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Bale Feeder Choice Can Reduce Hay Waste

Bale Feeder Choice Can Reduce Hay Waste

Beef Today

"Management of input costs is a key business concern and can mean the difference between operational profit or loss, and when it comes to hay waste, using the right type of bale feeder can make a significant cost-savings difference," said Dave Lalman, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension beef cattle specialist.

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Bad Politics, Or Too Many Variables?

Bad Politics, Or Too Many Variables?

Try Marshall


It’s not difficult to pinpoint or address our industry’s real issues, problems and opportunities. The difficulty is finding the will and commitment to make it happen

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