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I’ve got a mule deer hangin’ on my wall from northern New Mexico so I could relate to Rafael’s story.

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Winter Feed Quality Depends on Proper Handling

Winter Feed Quality Depends on Proper Handling

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

Hay is one of the most common winter feedstuffs in most regions of the country. Mixed emotions come from most cattlemen when talking about this vital resource.

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Prevent spring scours this fall

Prevent spring scours this fall

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

This harsh year will cause your beef veterinary clients to use every strategy they can to bring their pregnant cows and heifers through the winter in good shape and deliver healthy calves.

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Northern Beef Plant Opening Delayed

Northern Beef Plant Opening Delayed


Opening of the Northern Beef Packers plant near Aberdeen has been delayed until December.

The plant had been expected to open in November but now has a target date of Dec. 9.

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Cowboy way is the ‘Real McCoy’

Cowboy way is the ‘Real McCoy’

Dee Likes

Topeka Capital Journal

Calm, but tough and rugged. Courageous and independent, but also honorable and ethical.

Those are but a few of the words that jump to mind when the ordinary person hears the term or thinks of the image of a “cowboy.”

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When vegetarians and higher education mix, beware the results

When vegetarians and higher education mix, beware the results


Well, I darn near dropped my pork chop on the newspaper, right there at the breakfast table: "I’m sorry, but isn’t this an oxymoron? How can a university be both top-rated and vegetarian-friendly?"

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Effects of summer drought linger for cattle farmers

Effects of summer drought linger for cattle farmers

David Burton

Springfield News Leader

Hot, dry conditions across much of cattle country this summer have left cattle with thin pastures and not much to chew this fall.

While not opportune, these conditions give farmers a chance to look at their cattle herds with a critical eye and evaluate their feeding options.

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