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Baxter Black, DVM: MY OLD MARTIN

Baxter Black, DVM: MY OLD MARTIN

I can’t remember how many songs Martin wrote, probably half of my notebook full of livin’ room hits!

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Steve Cornett: Too Fair for the Common Good

Steve Cornett: Too Fair for the Common Good

Beef Today

In W. Edwards Deming’s theories of management, there is a basic tenet that strikes me as immutable: You can’t inspect quality into a product; you must build quality in throughout the production process.

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Beef: It’s what’s for farming

Beef: It’s what’s for farming


The Pueblo Chieftan

Cattle are a comfortable fit for the Arkansas Valley.

 Even when crops such as sugar beets, vegetables, melons or broom corn were big money-makers for the valley, raising livestock was the primary agricultural endeavor. Most of the farm acres in the valley have been devoted to raising feed for the animals since the early 1900s, and as time went on, cattle became the key to the valley ag economy.

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Forage testing: As important as ever in beef cattle rations

Forage testing: As important as ever in beef cattle rations

Mike Boersma, University of Minnesota Beef Team

Farm and Ranch Guide

Forages are a major component of many beef cattle rations. Therefore, knowing the amount of each nutrient that a given forage contains is critical to knowing the amount of each nutrient that is available to livestock.

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USDA To Require Nutrition Labels On Meat

USDA To Require Nutrition Labels On Meat

National Public Radio

Beginning in 2012, the U.S. Department of Agriculture will require food labels on 40 of the most common cuts of raw beef and poultry. Everything from hamburger to chicken patties would include information about calories, cholesterol and fat. For more, NPR’s Audie Cornish speaks to Steve Kay, editor and publisher of the trade publication Cattle Buyers Weekly.

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Symposium to address current beef industry issues

Symposium to address current beef industry issues

High Plains Journal

The Southwest Beef Symposium, jointly hosted by the New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service and Texas AgriLife Extension Service, is scheduled for Jan. 18 to 19 in the Grand Plaza Room of the Amarillo Civic Center, 401 S. Buchanan St., Amarillo.

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SD Beef Plant To Get State Financing

SD Beef Plant To Get State Financing

Food Manufacturing

Officials announced Tuesday that a long-delayed beef packing plant near Aberdeen will get state financing.

The Aberdeen American News reports that state aid will help pay for construction at the Northern Beef Packers plant.

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Farmers Disagree on Antibiotic Use

Farmers Disagree on Antibiotic Use

Nina Moini


Antibiotic resistance occurs when farmers or veterinarians administer too much of certain antibiotics into an animal’s system. Eventually, the bacteria the antibiotics were meant to fight off become stronger and resistant to the antibiotics.

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Healthy calves pay big dividends throughout feeding process

Healthy calves pay big dividends throughout feeding process


Farm and Ranch Guide

Among all of the management practices that cattle producers complete, keeping calves healthy and eating well offers the biggest return on investment.

Healthy and aggressive-to-the-feed-bunk beef cattle increase in value throughout the feeding process – from the cow/calf operation, to the backgrounding site, to the feedlot.

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UW Cattle Feeder Clinic scheduled for Jan. 12

UW Cattle Feeder Clinic scheduled for Jan. 12

Green Bay Press Gazette

A UW-Extension Cattle Feeder Clinic will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 12, at Snazz & Jane’s, between Oconto Falls and Gillett on Highway 22. The meal will begin at 5:30 p.m., with presentations to follow. Anyone raising beef or dairy steers or interested in raising steers is invited to attend.

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