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Designing a Time-Controlled Grazing System

Designing a Time-Controlled Grazing System

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

Time-controlled grazing is nothing new. The concept is centuries old. Prior to the year 1600, observation of grazing animal behavior and grazed plant response led stockmen in the British Isles to ponder the advantages of rotational grazing. A couple hundred years later, a Scotsman named James Anderson advocated the practice of moving cattle at regular intervals through multiple small enclosures to gain improvement to both animal performance and forage production.

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Alan Guebert: The ‘level playing field’ of trade

Alan Guebert: The ‘level playing field’ of trade

Tri Livestock News

Some phrases just make the heart flutter. “Call the vet,” was one that always tripped my father’s ticker. “Level the playing field of trade,” has the same effect on me.

Level the playing field of trade.

Hmm, is it a negotiating strategy, a goal, an ideal?

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FDA Report Has Data on Antibiotics Sold, Not Used

FDA Report Has Data on Antibiotics Sold, Not Used


Contrary to proponents of banning antibiotics in food-animal production, a government report issued last Friday does not show America’s livestock and poultry producers are using “massive” amounts of antibiotics.

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BeefTalk: The Future of Beef II – Economics of Production, Processing and Marketing

BeefTalk: The Future of Beef II – Economics of Production, Processing and Marketing

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

We must be careful that we do not focus so much on the big in the beef industry that we limit the creativity of the majority because the future of beef rests in producer creativity.

A lot is happening at all levels of the industry.

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‘Instant ranch’ shipped to Russian grasslands

‘Instant ranch’ shipped to Russian grasslands


Tulsa World

Cowboys, quarter-horses and 1,434 purebred beef cattle – just add grasslands and you’ve got a transplanted Montana ranch.

Those livestock basics – plus some training in animal care – is what Montana cattle producers have shipped to southwestern Russia, where the landscape is similar to the grassy high plains of eastern Montana. It’s part of a Russian subsidized deal to make that country’s cattle industry more self-sufficient.

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“Ranching For Profitability” Series Across the State

“Ranching For Profitability” Series Across the State


What helps make a ranch profitable? Herd health and managing risk impact the bottom line. Ranchers can learn more about current issues and topics important to ranch management and beef production when the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension hosts the popular Ranching for Profitability meeting series across western and central Nebraska January 10-13.

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New info on feeding ethanol grains to cattle

New info on feeding ethanol grains to cattle

North Platte Bulletin

One way to deal with increasing corn prices is to feed less corn and more distillers grains. However, producers and scientists alike know the amount of distillers grains that can be fed safely depends on the sulfur level in feed and drinking water.

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Big beef plant planned in North Dakota

Big beef plant planned in North Dakota

Austin Daily Herald

Korean investors and North Dakota cattle ranchers plan a beef plant in North Dakota that could process about 1,200 animals each day.

The Kim and Price Corp. plant would export about 60 percent of its beef to South Korea and sell the rest in the U.S.

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Here’s your chance to win the “Keep You Roasting During Winter” prize package.

Here’s your chance to win the “Keep You Roasting During Winter” prize package.

Answer a few easy questions about your beef checkoff investment and you’re automatically entered to win a prize package including a beef checkoff blanket, potholder, Chef Richard Chamberlain’s spice rub, beef checkoff cap, coffee mug and Healthy Beef Cookbook which contains holiday beef roast recipes. Take the beef checkoff trivia challenge.

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Corn in tug-o-war between industries

Corn in tug-o-war between industries


The U.S. is experiencing a shortage of grinding beef. The problem can be traced to several coinciding factors: a strong Canadian dollar, a decline in imports (Canadian feeder cattle/pigs), shrinking livestock supplies and (surprise) country-of-origin labelling laws.

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