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If Ikea Made Slaughterhouses

If Ikea Made Slaughterhouses

Chris Raines, Penn State University

If Ikea made slaughterhouses, they would probably be something like the mobile slaughter units (MSU) that many of us have read about in 2010. I am sitting at an Ikea desk in my home office as I write this, having realized that this piece of furniture is in no way one of those “investment” pieces of furniture that I hope to have someday.

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The Year The Government Shut Down Santa Claus

The Year The Government Shut Down Santa Claus

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

“What seems to be the problem?” asked Dr. Feinstein.

“They shut me down; they just shut me down,” muttered the old man.

“Who are they?” Feinstein inquired.

“All of them, the whole alphabet soup of them,” Santa sneered in disgust as he spat out the words.

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101 Survey Says …

101 Survey Says …

Linda Robbins

Angus Journal

Seeing the two press releases within a little more than a week of each other could have caused some confusion in the agricultural community. The Center for Food Integrity (CFI) stated in a Sept. 27 news release that 95% of consumers who had visited http://www.farmersfeedus.org and consented to be surveyed said they found the farmers profiled on the site “knowledgeable, approachable and the kind of people I want producing my food.”

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BQA Still Vital To Food Safety

BQA Still Vital To Food Safety

Bovine Veterinarian

The Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Program grew from its 1980 start as a Beef Safety Assurance Program (residue avoidance) in five states to a national education program. From the first Quality Audit in 1991 that pointed to injection sites and “defect avoidance, “ education became key in moving beef quality and safety forward.

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The end of cheap food

The end of cheap food

Stan Sewitch

San Diego Source

"It all goes back to the dirt." That’s one of my fundamental premises of economic theory, built from a nontraditional study of business and trade. Every commercial interaction can trace its existence to the ground, sooner or later.

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Ranchers seek lessons in swindle

Ranchers seek lessons in swindle

Betsy Blaney

Amarillo Globe News

The collapse of a Midwest cattle brokerage company that owes hundreds of ranchers as much as $130 million could result in some going under and has others wondering if regulatory changes are needed to prevent similar swindles in the future.

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Weather hampers area cows’ fertility

Weather hampers area cows’ fertility

Rebecca Martinez

Staunton News Leader

The heat of summer is just a faint memory but it is going to have a real impact on Augusta County farmers come spring.

The summer drought, coming on the heels of a harsh winter, caused feed shortages, and cows that don’t eat enough don’t get pregnant.

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