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BeefTalk: The Future of Beef II

BeefTalk: The Future of Beef II

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

If the future of beef is a concern, and it certainly seems to be, based on the numerous reports on the decreasing cow herd, then who really is concerned? Having been to many meetings and then repeats of these meetings and actually repeats of the repeat meetings, the wheel tends to spin and issues surface, debate ensues, issues subside and then the cycle repeats itself.

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Utilizing distillers grains with low fat concentrations in diets for feedlot cattle

Utilizing distillers grains with low fat concentrations in diets for feedlot cattle

Jolene Kelzer, University of Minnesota Beef Team

Pleasant fall weather conditions and record or near-record corn yields in much of Minnesota have crop farmers smiling this year. This may be a different story, however, for cattle feeders located throughout the state and Midwest, who cringe as corn prices skyrocket once again to potentially record highs.

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How cold stress affects newborn calves

How cold stress affects newborn calves

Heather Smith Thomas

Calves that are chilled at birth, without immediate assistance to warm/dry them and make sure they ingest colostrum in a timely manner, have poor survival rates. If a calf’s mouth gets cold before he suckles, he may not be able to get the teat in his mouth and suck, and therefore does not obtain crucial energy (for keeping warm) and the antibodies he needs – to protect him against disease.

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Get the facts about growth enhancements in cattle

Get the facts about growth enhancements in cattle

The Cattle Business Weekly

Today’s beef producer is not just responsible for raising quality beef. Everyone involved in the agricultural industry is an educator as well, helping inform consumers about the practice of producing their food. One often-discussed topic is the use of implants as a growth enhancement.

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Cattle driver Charles Goodnight died in 1929 at 93

Cattle driver Charles Goodnight died in 1929 at 93

Houston Chronicle

On Dec. 12,  1929, Charles Goodnight, co-founder of one of the most important southwestern cattle-drive trails, died in Tucson, Ariz.

Born in Illinois in 1836, Goodnight came to Texas with his family when he was nine years old, and he thrived in the rugged frontier environment.

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Students Weigh Benefits of Fall and Spring Calving

Students Weigh Benefits of Fall and Spring Calving

Gayle Smith

The Fence Post

Not many ranchers have an opportunity to see the benefits and disadvantages of spring versus fall calving, without investing a significant amount of money. However, under a new program offered at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture at Curtis, Neb., students have an opportunity to receive hands-on experience in both fall and spring calving so they can make their own decisions.

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What kind of shelter do farm animals need in a Michigan winter?

What kind of shelter do farm animals need in a Michigan winter?

Limberly Willis

Detroit Examiner

Beef cattle, sheep and horses with natural winter coats actually need only minimal shelter.  This would be a roof to shed water and a windbreak.  Three sided sheds facing south or southeast can provide that.  They don’t need bedding, but bedding is appreciated.

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Livestock buyer leaves Sweetwater livestock auction holding bad checks

Livestock buyer leaves Sweetwater livestock auction holding bad checks



One of the largest beef cattle buyers in the country is headed for bankruptcy. That leaves more than $100 million in bad checks for auction houses in the U.S., including at least two in East Tennessee.

Athens Stockyard in McMinn County and East Tennessee Livestock Center in Monroe County lost tens of thousands of dollars.

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GIPSA Proposed Rule Not Good For Ag Industry

GIPSA Proposed Rule Not Good For Ag Industry


Although the Congressionally mandated purpose of the US Department of Agriculture is to strengthen America’s agriculture industry and revitalize rural communities, a rule proposed by the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) suggests that USDA has lost sight of its mission, according to an op-ed by Mark Greenwood, vice president of agribusiness capital at AgStar Financial Services in Mankato, Minnesota.

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Book commemorates 150 years of beef

Book commemorates 150 years of beef

High Plains Journal

Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Beef Cattle Institute and Frontier program are commemorating the upcoming 150th anniversary of the state of Kansas with the release of the coffee table-style book "150 Years of Kansas Beef."

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