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A Cowboy Christmas Prayer

A Cowboy Christmas Prayer

S. Omar Barker

Southern Livestock Standard

I ain’t much good at prayin’, and You may not know me, Lord–

I ain’t much seen in churches where they preach Thy Holy Word,

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Forget PC: Is agriculture morally correct?

Forget PC: Is agriculture morally correct?

Certified Angus Beef

“I hate to be an alarmist, but I have to tell you: there is a time for urgency, and the time is right now.”

Kevin Murphy didn’t mince words in getting to his point at last month’s Feeding Quality Forum. “We’ve got to change the way we look at food issues, the way we respond to those issues and how we do it with the proper language, and we’ve got to do it right now.”

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Winter Feed Estimator: A Practical Tool for the Beef Cow-Calf Producer

Winter Feed Estimator: A Practical Tool for the Beef Cow-Calf Producer

Mark Warren, Ed Jennings, and Matt Hersom

University of Florida

Producers often estimate hay needs for their beef cow herd based on rules of thumb and neighbor’s advice. This may not be accurate for their individual operation. One common approach is to allow two round rolls of hay for every cow to be supplemented during the winter. While this may get a producer started, it is not accurate and likely may result in not enough hay.

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Don’t feed cows like feedlot steers

Don’t feed cows like feedlot steers


The single greatest advantage a cow-calf operation has over other livestock systems is the ability of the cow and her calf to harvest forages in places you cannot produce crops or hay.  This unique ability to turn forage into usable human nourishment ensures a bright future for the beef industry.

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USDA Announces Measures to Improve Humane Handling Enforcement

USDA Announces Measures to Improve Humane Handling Enforcement


WASHINGTON – The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) today announced several measures that will better ensure the humane treatment and slaughter of all cattle presented for processing at FSIS-inspected facilities.

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NCBA Wants Help for Those Hurt by Eastern Livestock

NCBA Wants Help for Those Hurt by Eastern Livestock

Beef Today

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Associaiton sent letters to USDA and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) seeking financial assistance for cattle producers affected by the bankruptcy of Eastern Livestock Company, LLC.

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BeefTalk: The Future of Beef II – Midsized Challenges

BeefTalk: The Future of Beef II – Midsized Challenges

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

One can always expect change, particularly if one is in the middle because the middle seldom stays the same. The middle may be comfortable for some, but for others, there is a distinct desire to move.

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USDA To Survey Iowa Cattle Operations

USDA To Survey Iowa Cattle Operations

Wallaces Farmer

USDA will survey cattle producers in Iowa and other states in January to gather data to update the annual cattle count, which will give producers new information on what’s happening in the cattle industry.

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Learn about forage, grazing and pasture management at 2011 grazing conference

Learn about forage, grazing and pasture management at 2011 grazing conference

AG Answers

Livestock producers looking for the latest information on forages, grazing techniques and pasture management have the opportunity to attend the Heart of America Grazing Conference in January 2011.

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Ohio Cattlemen’s Association elects 2011 officers

Ohio Cattlemen’s Association elects 2011 officers

Newark Advocate

The new directors of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association were seated and elections for the executive committee were conducted Dec. 7.

Dave Felumlee, of Newark, was elected to a second term as president of the board.

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