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It is not uncommon for me, as a windy storyteller, to be asked, “Is that really true?”

“Well, of course,” I begin, “it’s true…I think.”

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USDA announces latest actions in the Eastern Livestock Company failure

USDA announces latest actions in the Eastern Livestock Company failure

Tri State Livestock News

Eastern Livestock Co. (Eastern) is one of the largest cattle brokerage companies in the U.S., with operations in 11 states across the Mid-South, Midwest, and West.

“We take very seriously our responsibility to ensure that producers receive all protections afforded them by law, and we will be working closely with the Department of Justice and law enforcement officials in the weeks and months ahead,” said John Ferrell, Deputy Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs.

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Korea: Where’s The Beef?

Korea: Where’s The Beef?

John Harrington   


The United States and South Korea have a reached a deal on auto issues that have blocked congressional approval of a free-trade agreement for three years, sources familiar with the talks said on Friday.

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No breaks for US beef in Korean trade deal

No breaks for US beef in Korean trade deal

ABC Rural (AU)

South Korea has refused US requests for better trade access for its beef.

The two countries have just agreed to the terms of a Free Trade Agreement after years of talks.

But the deal will not ease tight disease control regulations or fast-track tariff cuts on US beef.

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Marketing programs coming for beef, sheep producers

Marketing programs coming for beef, sheep producers

The Courier

There are two meetings for beef and sheep producers coming up soon.

The first is a beef marketing program scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Putnam County Extension Office.

Dan Frobose, Ohio State University assistant professor and coordinator of the Ohio Signature Beef Program, will speak about how small-scale beef producers can work together to market finished cattle.

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Beef checkoff releases promotional films

Beef checkoff releases promotional films

High Plains Journal

Food production has become one of the most publicized topics in this decade, yet many consumers don’t know where to find accurate information about the people who grow, cultivate and raise the food they eat.

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Elections Over, Estate Tax Gains Immediate Focus

Elections Over, Estate Tax Gains Immediate Focus

Joe Roybal


After Democrats won a congressional sweep in 2004 and Barack Obama claimed the White House in 2008, political strategist James Carville predicted a long Democratic reign in his book, “40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation.” But judging from results of last month’s mid-term elections, the prediction fizzled out in two years.

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Farmers fear dust rules won’t reflect rural life

Farmers fear dust rules won’t reflect rural life

Rick Callahan

My San Antonio

As they begin the fall harvest, wary farmers are watching a federal debate over whether to clamp down on one of rural life’s constant companions — the dust clouds that farm machinery kick up in fields and along unpaved roads.

Farming groups have urged the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to retain its current standards for dust, soot and other microscopic particles, arguing that tighter restrictions would be unworkable and that dust isn’t a real pollutant.

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Sleeping on the Job?

Sleeping on the Job?

Mel DeJarnette, Select Sires

Cattle are basically employees on any dairy or beef cattle operation. Each cow is assigned the task of generating income for the enterprise. Employees who cannot or do not pull their weight should be advised to seek employment elsewhere. Perhaps McDonald’s would have an opening for either (humans or bovine).

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Basics of estrous synchronization in beef cattle

Basics of estrous synchronization in beef cattle

Allen Bridges, Ph.D., University of Minnesota Beef Team

Farm and Ranch Guide

Rather than discussing the numerous protocols available for synchronizing estrus in beef cattle, this article will focus on the categories of synchronization protocols, pharmaceutical products available, and basic principles of estrous synchronization protocols.

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