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Oklahoma State Agriculture Scientists working for best meat grade

Oklahoma State Agriculture Scientists working for best meat grade

The Cattle Business Weekly

 It is a lesson taught in every school: Quality can be judged by one’s grade, and scientists with Oklahoma State University’s Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources are working to help beef producers get the best meat grade possible.

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Ranching No Man’s Land

Ranching No Man’s Land

David F. Crosby

The Cattleman

Mexico has belatedly discovered that its criminal syndicates have become so powerful that they directly threaten the state. In fact, Mexico hovers on the brink of becoming a narco-state. Its criminal syndicates control the Mexican side of the Texas/Mexico border and the smuggling of drugs and illegal immigrants into Texas.

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New beef cuts mean quicker, leaner meals

New beef cuts mean quicker, leaner meals


DesMoines Register

Two new beef roast cuts are stepping into the spotlight at Des Moines metro-area supermarkets.

The top loin petite roast and top sirloin petite roast are smaller, leaner and quicker to cook than traditional roasts, said Nancy Degner of the Iowa Beef Industry Council.

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Ultrasound Matters

Ultrasound Matters

The Cattle Business Weekly

How important is ultrasound data to a producer making genetic selections?

“The only way to make decisions is to look at performance data and ultrasound data,” says Blake Crawford of Adair, Iowa. Crawford runs a commercial beef operation he describes as ‘farrow to finish.’ “If you have animals that are not measuring up, you have to rely on ultrasound to identify the reason and improve future generations.”

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NCBA reveals educational platform for 2011 Cattle Industry Convention

NCBA reveals educational platform for 2011 Cattle Industry Convention


Innovative, lively educational sessions with direct access to the leading authorities on vital cattle industry issues, as well as discussion with other producers facing similar challenges, are available at the 2011 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show in Denver, Colo., starting Feb. 2.

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JBS USA Installs Remote Video Auditing

JBS USA Installs Remote Video Auditing


Taking forward advance food safety performance by line workers on the slaughter floor to minimize issues related to cross-contamination, JBS and Arrowsight have collaborated to design and implement an innovative, industry-leading solution. JBS was able to able to improve the accuracy of its auditing within weeks of installing the RVA system.

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Management for beef cow/calf producers – some strategies for your cowherd

Management for beef cow/calf producers – some strategies for your cowherd

Richard Snell

The Fence Post

If you are a beef cow-calf producer, it’s time to start doing some management strategies to get the most that you can from your cowherd.

Realizing that some of you are fall calvers, this information is focusing on spring calving cows.

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National Hereford Feedout Tests Hereford Efficiency

National Hereford Feedout Tests Hereford Efficiency

In 2010, 465 cattle were fed through the National Hereford Feedout. Divided into a winter test and a spring test, the National Hereford Feedout has been testing cattle for six years.

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Insuring The Future of the Family Farm

Insuring The Future of the Family Farm

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

The average age of the American farmer is around 60 years old. An exact number is hard to find since different sources define farmers differently. For the purposes of our discussion, an exact number is not important.

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Tasty Beef Trumps Animal Welfare Concerns?

Tasty Beef Trumps Animal Welfare Concerns?

John Harrington


A university study found media coverage of animal welfare issues hurts demand for pork and poultry, but has little to no effect on beef demand.

The new study by economists at Kansas State University and Purdue University looked at U.S. newspapers’ and magazines’ coverage from 1982 to 2008.

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