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I wrote a little Christmas poem to put it in perspective. It seems around this time of year a lot go apoplective With all the ads and football games to shimmer and obfuscate And count the days we’ve left to shop before it’s gotten too late!

I don’t begrudge the merchant class enticing us and teasin’. Or entertaining specials to remind us of the season When families gather to renew their lives with love professing, And recognize the birth of Christ as mankind’s greatest blessing.

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Playing Genetic Hopscotch

Playing Genetic Hopscotch

Burt Rutherford

Open the catalog from your favorite genetics supplier and what do you see? Outside of the pretty pictures, you see numbers. Lots and lots of numbers.

Connecting the dots between the pretty picture (an indication of the bull’s phenotype) and the numbers (an indication of his genotype) has become more challenging of late, what with the recent explosion of genotypic information now available.

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New York Times

Half a century ago, American cattle averaged less than 900 pounds. Today they average a hefty 1,300 pounds — which means more beef but also more waste and the need for more land. With declining farm sizes and the skyrocketing cost of animal feed, farmers are turning toward what sounds like a sideshow joke: miniature cattle.

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Upgrade Your Cattle Handling Facilities

Upgrade Your Cattle Handling Facilities

Mick Kreidler

Beef Today

Working cattle is a task made much easier and safer in a well-designed handling system. A good handling system has many advantages, ranging from improved cattle health and production to labor savings and less stress on you and your cattle.

If you’re thinking of building new facilities or upgrading your existing system, help is available from your local Extension office or from publications available on the Internet.

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Ranch advice from a grazing guru

Ranch advice from a grazing guru

Kindra Gordon

The Cattle Business Weekly

As we move toward a new year and a new presidential administration, one can’t help but think about what the future may mean for ranchers.

Ranch consultant Gregg Simonds has long been pushing producers to think about the future. He often challenges producers to think-out-of the box for their operations when it comes to ranch and resource management.

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Survey Seeks Input on Topic of Unwanted Horses

Survey Seeks Input on Topic of Unwanted Horses

American Cowman

The problem of unwanted horses is being studied through a nationwide initiative of the Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC) with help from equine associations, veterinarians, breeders, state and local law enforcement, horse owners, rescue/retirement facilities and other facilities using horses.

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Aiming For Prime

Aiming For Prime

Del Deterling

Progressive Farmer

The high-quality beef market has its rewards. But grabbing the brass ring is not easy, nor is it foolproof.

Fillets selling for $75 a pound? Rib eyes going for $50 a pound? How about ground beef priced from $7.50 to $14 a pound? Go to the Internet and click Wagyu (or Kobe) beef and you might think producers of this specialty beef cattle have discovered the road to riches.

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