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8 genetic selection mistakes

8 genetic selection mistakes

Kindra Gordon

Cattle Business Weekly

With the bull buying season about to begin, it may be wise to arm yourself with some advice before going out to spend your hard earned cash. Colorado-based cattleman Lee Leachman recently shared what he sees as the 8 most common genetic selection mistakes made by commercial cow-calf producers.

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BeefTalk: Your Bill Is $52.87, So Pay Up

BeefTalk: Your Bill Is $52.87, So Pay Up

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

$52.87 Per Cow Transportation Costs $52.87 Per Cow Transportation Costs

We strive to understand the difference between market value and net dollars.

Most producers know inventory reduction is not free. The costs associated with a sell- down, while not a surprise, are informative.

Trucking expenses from a central location for the 420-mile trip for a load of 37 cows (46,305 pounds arrival weight at harvest) to the processing facility were $47.24 per cow. The processing costs (buyer fees, yardage and documentation) totaled $19.13 per cow for a total of $66.37 per cull cow sold.

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A life on the land: five things learned from a life of farming

A life on the land: five things learned from a life of farming

Paul Sloth

Journal Times

On a crisp, gray November morning, 83-year-old Bill Noble waited for the frost to thaw. In the fields, the combines waited, too.

Once the frost had disappeared, Noble would be back out picking up another load of newly harvested corn that would end up in the dryers at Noble Grain Farms, 1211 English Settlement Ave., the farm three of his children now run.

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Report claims big farming is ‘Eating our Future’

Report claims big farming is ‘Eating our Future’

The Cattle Business Weekly

It is just one more wave to add to the rising tide that has been threatening agricultural production systems. Freshly released, “Eating our Future: The environmental impact of industrial animal agriculture” is a look at how meat and milk production is set to double by 2050 and the supposed negative effects it will have on the world.

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Hoosier Beef Congress features new programs in ’08

Hoosier Beef Congress features new programs in ’08

Dave Russell

Brownfield Network

One of the Midwest’s largest cattle shows is going to be held December 5-6 and 7 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis. Julia Wickard, Executive V.P. of the Indiana Beef Cattle Association tells Brownfield the 22nd Annual Hoosier Beef Congress (HBC) is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever, with cattle numbers up slightly from last year, and she says there are several new events planned, including a rookie program.

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Jean Barton:Ranch brands, vaccinates calves

Jean Barton:Ranch brands, vaccinates calves

Tehama Daily News

Veterans Day was a school holiday, and the second day of branding at Antelope Creek Cattle Company.

Roping were Walt, Danny and Wyatt Brown, Bailey Miller, Chuck Morris, Sr.; Dave Bennetts, Blake and Body Davies, Don and Jody Brown, Dusty Brown, Zach Brown, Jerritt and Cetara Rohl, Harry McClure and Lance Root.

The ground crew included Boomer Hethcoat, Zane Kittle, Patrick Froome, Logan and Cole Robinson plus those that weren’t roping in that round.

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Weighing the value of organic foods

Weighing the value of organic foods

Judy Foreman

Los Angles Times

Food produced without most conventional pesticides or fertilizers are perceived to be more healthful, but scientists have yet to offer proof.

With the recession breathing down our necks, many people are looking for ways to cut the household budget without seriously compromising family well-being. So here’s a suggestion: If you buy organic fruits and vegetables, consider switching to less pricey non-organic produce instead.

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