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Vintage Video: Two Steaks, part 1

Vintage Video: Two Steaks, part 1

This film describes the difference in meats. It focuses on the importance of good feeding of cattle and the effect it has on the meat. The film also discusses meat cuts, marbling, and bone structure.

Produced by Iowa State University with Iowa Beef Producers’ Association in 1960.

Immunity and Livestock Herds

Immunity and Livestock Herds

E.J. Richey, DVM

University of Florida

Immunity is the ability of an animal to resist disease. Fortunately, immunity is a basic fact of nature; unfortunately, we take it for granted. In reality, immunity culminates from the activity of a very complex and intricate system of the body – the immune system; a system that we can to some extent enhance and manipulate to provide various degrees of protection against most disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

Present-day livestock management systems and practices may allow the immune system to be overwhelmed by either a significantly high disease challenge or by weakening the existing immune system.

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Beef Cow Rations and Winter Feeding Guidelines

Beef Cow Rations and Winter Feeding Guidelines



Feeding beef cattle during Saskatchewan winters can be a challenging experience. Frame size, body condition, feed quality, types of feed and fluctuations in air temperatures all impact on feed consumption and rates of gain.

Over-feeding is costly and wastes feed while under­feeding affects body condition and may cause poor performance in the breeding herd.

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Factors Affecting Calving Difficulty

Factors Affecting Calving Difficulty

Timothy W. Wilson, Extension Animal Scientist – Beef

Johnny Rossi, Extension Animal Scientist – Beef

Calving difficulty, otherwise known as dystocia, may result in reduced calf performance, delayed estrus and, in some cases, loss of the calf and/or dam. This publication discusses several factors affecting calving difficulty and provides management suggestions that may be useful to prevent its occurrence.

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Tight Feeder Supplies the Issue in ‘09

Tight Feeder Supplies the Issue in ‘09

Cattle Today

Cattle feeders’ number one concern was feed inputs. Not any more, says Mike Sands, Informa Economics.

The market analyst predicts corn will not stay as low as $3 per bushel (bu.) for long, but the new trading levels for corn may be of little consequence compared to the declining feeder calf supply.

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Manure a valuable commodity

Manure a valuable commodity


Zanesville Times Recorder

You may have heard there is a deadline looming for livestock producers to be in compliance with manure discharges. By Feb. 27, 2009 poultry, beef cattle, dairy, hog and all other so-called concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO’s) must have either national pollution discharge elimination system (NPDES) permits for any discharges of manure runoff into water bodies, or have third party reviews and records to show that they do not discharge.

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MSGA notes highlights of 12th annual convention

MSGA notes highlights of 12th annual convention

Lewistown News

This year, despite sub-zero temperatures and terrible road conditions, 644 people attended the Montana Stockgrowers Association’s 124th Annual Convention and Trade Show at the Holiday Inn Grand Montana in Billings, Dec. 11-13.

Tom Hougen, of Melstone, was elected the 59th president of the Montana Stockgrowers Association.

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