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Will Obama EPA Impose Cow Tax?

Will Obama EPA Impose Cow Tax?

Matt Kaye

Hoosier AG TOday

  It is a Gas tax of another sort, a proposal to tax livestock farmers for the greenhouse gases their animals emit. American Farm Bureau’s Paul Schlagle argues it’s more than just “Hot air”over greenhouse gases. Schlagle expects the Obama team to actually try to regulate livestock emissions through permitting, “We have seen the president-elect, or, at least, his advisers, indicate that they would like to consider using the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gases.”

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Portable Test Will Enable Farmers To Identify Diseases Such As TB & Foot & Mouth

Portable Test Will Enable Farmers To Identify Diseases Such As TB & Foot & Mouth


A portable test being developed by biodetection expert Stratophase could soon enable farmers and vets to accurately detect highly contagious diseases such as bovine TB and foot and mouth in the field, reducing false alarms and containment time and enabling remedial action to be taken more quickly.

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Mid-South Stocker Conference Set for February 24-25

Mid-South Stocker Conference Set for February 24-25

Cattle Today

“Stocker Solutions for Challenging Times” is the theme for the 2009 Mid-South Stocker Conference scheduled for February 24 and 25, 2009, at the Lake Barkley Resort Park Lodge near Cadiz, Kentucky.

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Investment banker became cattle rancher

Investment banker became cattle rancher


Chicago Sun-Times

John S. Runnells II was an investment banker who left his life in Lake Forest for his dream of becoming a Texas cattle rancher.

In the 1970s, he took over the 30 square miles of Texas that make up the family’s Runnells-Pierce Ranch, south of Houston near the Gulf of Mexico. He built on the land and the traditions started by his great-grandfather Abel “Shanghai” Pierce, who started the ranch before the Civil War.

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Q&A: How much hay will a young beef female eat a winter? Cows are about 1 year and six month old.

Q&A:   How much hay will a young beef female eat a winter? Cows are about 1 year and six month old.

Dr. Rick Rasby, Professor of Animal Science, Animal Science, University of Nebraska

A:   Forage intake is a function of weight, milk potential, and stage of production. The heavier the cow, the greater the intake. The more the milk potential, during both gestationa and lactation. Intake is greater during lactation compared to gestation.

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Dehorn Calves When They Are Young

Dehorn Calves When They Are Young


If calves are dehorned early in life, there are few complications. However, some labor and equipment are required. Calves dehorned at more than 2 months of age may require two weeks to return to their pre-dehorning weight. A few calves may develop infections, and rarely an older calf can die of blood loss. Calves are best dehorned at less than 1 month of age to avoid setbacks and complications.

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The New Beginning at Camp Cooley Ranch

The New Beginning at Camp Cooley Ranch

Edwin Cooper

Franklin Advocate

These words from Camp Cooley Ranch were released on December the first 2008: “A full house was on hand for the New Beginning  Brangus Female Sale on Thursday, November 13th. The sale represented the dispersal of the remaining females from the legendary Camp Cooley Brangus cowherd. Daughters of the great breed matrons were offered and customers were provided with the opportunity to build their own programs  based on the freshest, cutting edge genetics available in the Brangus Breed.

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Livestock Producers Set Policy Focused on Business Issues

Livestock Producers Set Policy Focused on Business Issues


Members of the Kansas Livestock Association (KLA) have approved policy calling for improvements in the state’s highway system, producer compliance with approved animal care practices and the preservation of private property rights. Policy action on these and other key livestock business issues was taken during the group’s annual meeting December 4-5 in Wichita.

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2009 Pennsylvania Farm Show Dates

2009 Pennsylvania Farm Show Dates

Jolie Long


The 93rd Pennsylvania Farm Show is promising to please crowds with old time classics, like the famous butter sculpture, and soon-to-be new favorites with this year’s theme “Keeping Pennsylvania Growing.”

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25th Four-State Beef Conference

25th Four-State Beef Conference


Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri cattlemen can receive an annual update on current cow-calf and stocker topics during the 25th annual Four-State Beef Conference Jan. 14 and 15.

The Nebraska session will begin at 4 p.m. Jan. 14 at the Community Building in Tecumseh. Other sessions will be offered at 10 a.m. Jan. 14 at the First National Bank in Washington, Kan.; at 10 a.m. Jan. 15 at the ISU Armstrong Research Farm in Lewis, Iowa, and 4 p.m. Jan. 15 at the Eiberger Building in King City, Mo.

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Spader Farms Donates Prized Horse To American Angus Auxilliary

Spader Farms Donates Prized Horse To American Angus Auxilliary


Quarter Horses have always played an integral and special part in the Spader family’s day to day lifestyle. Utilized for work and fun, the family has bred, raised and trained more than 200 AQHA horses in the last 30 years. It began in 1972, when Dick, former Executive Vice President of the American Angus Association, presented his new bride Sheri a mare, Bay Jenny Adair, from the historic J A Ranch in Texas. No stranger to Quarter Horses, Dick had grown up horseback and wanted to ensure that his family had the opportunity to do the same.

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Manufacturer introduces new livestock fountain

Manufacturer introduces new livestock fountain

High Plains Journal

Ritchie Industries, Conrad, Iowa, a manufacturer of automatic watering fountains, introduced the Omni 1 livestock fountain.

It becomes the fourth member of the OmniFount product family featuring a blend of stainless steel and polyethylene construction.

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Cows’ bodily functions emit hazardous gases

Cows’ bodily functions emit hazardous gases

Climate experts want EPA to consider policy to clean up N.Y. farmers’ livestock operation


Times Herald-Record

According to experts on the front lines in the fight against global warming, the collective belching and defecating of cows and cattle is producing more harmful greenhouse gases than all the pollution from cars, trucks and airplanes combined.

Experts on climate warming suggest that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers regulating livestock emissions as part of a new court-awarded mandate to crack down on global warming. But New York farmers argue that such a policy would cost them $120 million a year, devastating their industry.

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R-CALF: 10th Annual Convention Slated For Jan. 23-24, 2009, In Rapid City, S.D.

 R-CALF: 10th Annual Convention Slated For Jan. 23-24, 2009, In Rapid City, S.D.


The R-CALF USA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the group’s 10th annual convention and trade show will take place Jan. 23-24, 2009, at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel, located at I-90 and Lacrosse St., Exit 59, in Rapid City, S.D.

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Cattle producers honor Butte County rancher

Cattle producers honor Butte County rancher

Rapid City Journal

Butte County rancher Ed Blair of Vale is the Outstanding Producer of the Year for the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association.

The group paid tribute to Blair at its recent 60th annual convention for his continued involvement in SDCA, community contributions and his successful Angus operation.

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