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Tool Time: A review of the tools in a breeding kit, the variations in tools and how to properly use them.

Tool Time: A review of the tools in a breeding kit, the variations in tools and how to properly use them.

Mel DeJarnette, Reproductive Specialist Select Sires

Tim Allen will tell you that a quality repair job depends on having the right parts and tools for the job. If you’re like me however, your most frequently used tool is the hammer (even for repairing electronics). If a hammer is not within arm’s reach, a crescent or pipe wrench will suffice.

The consequences of improper use of common tools are not usually serious. However, misuse of tools stored in an A.I. breeding kit can have significant effects on reproductive performance in your herd. There are several variations of common A.I. breeding tools. For the most part, one tool will perform as well as another if properly used. Let’s discuss some of the differences in common breeding equipment.

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Marketing Cull Cows

Marketing Cull Cows

Dillon M. Feuz, Ag Economist, University of Nebraska

Cull cow receipts account for approximately 20 percent of income from most cow-calf enterprises. However, some producers give little attention to this source of income and ways of enhancing it. For many producers, cull cows are sold at the time culling takes place, and much of this culling is done in the late fall soon after calves are weaned. Is it most profitable to sell cows when they are culled, or should they be fed for a period of time?

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Hey Doc, How Can I Keep My Mineral Costs Down?

Hey Doc, How Can I Keep My Mineral Costs Down?

Dr. Dee Whittier, Extension Veterinarian, VA Tech, VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

Costs have skyrocketed in most areas of cattle production.  One of the big “sticker shock” areas is mineral costs.  Feeding a free-choice mineral product at the high end of the cost scale can result in an annual mineral cost that may represent 10% of the value of a calf.  The obvious question is whether decreasing mineral costs will have significant effects on production or health.

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Improving The Value Of Feeder Cattle

Improving The Value Of Feeder Cattle


There have been studies over the years where people have sat in auction markets and recorded type and price on every sale over several months to determine the factors that affect price. One of those was done in Kansas in 1986, Oklahoma followed up with a similar study in 1997 and Arkansas has done the same thing in 2005. Prices have gone up over the years, but a few simple management practices have been shown over and over to improve the value of feeder cattle.

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Lawrence Grathwohl Memorial Herdsman Awarded to Greenhorn

Lawrence Grathwohl Memorial Herdsman Awarded to Greenhorn

Cattle Today

The 2008 Herdsman of the Year was honored with a trophy buckle in memory of Lawrence Grathwohl and sponsored by the Shorthorn Foundation, during the North American International Livestock Exposition, Louisville, Kentucky. Two members of the Grathwohl family, Nancy Heter and Becky Bacon, were in attendance as well as Jack Ragsdale, on behalf of the Shorthorn Foundation, to present the award during the selection of the Grand Female of the 2008 National Shorthorn Show to Josh Greenhorn, Waynesville, Ohio.

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SPCA Faces Hard Time Adopting Horses

SPCA Faces Hard Time Adopting Horses

Center Has Taken In More Than 30 Horses


The SPCA for Monterey County normally takes in five horses a year, but with this year’s economic downturn they have taken in 30 and the number continues to climb.

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Fifth annual Southwest Beef Symposium set for Jan. 13-14 in Midland

Fifth annual Southwest Beef Symposium set for Jan. 13-14 in Midland

Steve Byrns

Southwest Farm Press

For the fifth time in as many years, Texas and New Mexico Extension agencies will hold their annual “Southwest Beef Symposium.” This year’s meeting is set for Jan.13-14 at the Horseshoe complex in Midland at 2002 Cotton Flat Road.

Dr. Bruce Carpenter, Texas AgriLife Extension Service livestock specialist at Fort Stockton, said the symposium is tailored for southwestern beef producers. The event centers on three educational sessions and a trade show. It alternates between locations in West Texas and eastern New Mexico. 

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