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Open Cows? Lepto Might Be The Culprit

Open Cows? Lepto Might Be The Culprit

Heather Smith Thomas


Leptospirosis is a common bacterial infection of cattle. Clinical illness can be mild or severe, but the cattle disease is economically important as it can cause abortion, infertility, illness — even death.

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Risk management important to cattle industry in coming years

Risk management important to cattle industry in coming years

Jennifer Carrico

High Plains Journal

Lance Zimmerman, an analyst with CattleFax, told attendees to the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association convention that many emotions have been covered over the past year regarding the cattle market.

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Extending the Productive Life of the Stock Cow

Extending the Productive Life of the Stock Cow

Jim Krantz


January 1, 2013 U.S. cow inventory totals documented a 60-year low in stock cow numbers, marking eight continuous years of reduction in the U.S. cowherd. Most analysts predict those totals to indicate further reductions when the January 1, 2014 report is unveiled.

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Creating a 50-year legacy

Creating a 50-year legacy

Carrie Stadheim

Tri State Livestock News

Although he doesn’t own a horse or a cow and has never cashed a “calf check,” Morris Hallock has always held a passion for the cattle business that would rival most successful ranchers. “We don’t need any extremes out there in the country they (livestock producers) are happy, they are doing what they want to do and I love them for it. In spite of the government, the weather and tough markets, they are there.”

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Jared Brackett — Ranching in a Fish Bowl

Jared Brackett — Ranching in a Fish Bowl


Jared Brackett raises black angus cattle in a very remote area known as the Antelope Springs Allotment, southwest of Twin Falls. He grazes 600 cow-calf pairs on 50,000 acres of federal, state and private land in the allotment. You might say that Brackett ranches in a fish bowl because he manages his cattle alongside premium habitat for sage grouse, a candidate species for listing under Endangered Species Act.

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All Pastures, No Grain, His Winning Combination

All Pastures, No Grain, His Winning Combination

Mark Parker

Progressive Farmer

Ask most people who have tried grass-finished beef what they thought, and chances are good you’ll hear something like "chews tough, no flavor." But it doesn’t have to be that way, and increasingly it isn’t.

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Cow/Calf College at Clay Center Jan. 28

Cow/Calf College at Clay Center Jan. 28

Nebraska Ag Connection

The annual Farmers and Ranchers Cow/Calf College "Partners in Progress — Beef Seminar" will be held at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center and Great Plains Veterinary Education Center near Clay Center Jan. 28.

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Beef Center’s Heifer Series Addresses Challenges of Rebuilding

Beef Center’s Heifer Series Addresses Challenges of Rebuilding

Iowa Ag Connection

One of the biggest challenges facing cattlemen today is maintaining young cows in their herd long term. The Iowa Beef Center, in partnership with the Iowa Cattleman’s Association, is offering a program series focusing specifically on management practices to keep young cows in the herd to improve longterm profitability.

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Maternal efficiency.

Maternal efficiency.

Radale Tiner

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

In most businesses, efficiency is the name of the game. Managers promote employees who are the most efficient at their job. We want employees who give more output with the least amount of input. Why should your cow herd be any different? In order for a cow herd to be profitable, it must contain efficient females.

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Are You Operating Your Ranch For Profit Or Convenience?

Are You Operating Your Ranch For Profit Or Convenience?

Burke Teichert


I often see decisions made for the sake of convenience, personal preference or to maintain the current operating system rather than for profitability. It seems we get so emotionally engaged in what we are doing and the way we do it, that we would almost rather lose money than to change.

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