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Supplement Cows to Improve Calf Performance

Supplement Cows to Improve Calf Performance

Bruce Anderson

South Dakota AG Connection

Can you feed your pregnant cows so their calves gain more weight and more heifers get pregnant? Recent research suggests that proper supplementation pays off.

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Reducing Feed Costs

Reducing Feed Costs


Winter feed represents one of the largest costs for a livestock production enterprise. One alternative to limit costs resulting from harvest/purchase of hay or feeding of hay is grazing pasture that has been stockpiled for winter. . . . "Allocation of feed resources available from winter pasture is simplified to one degree because the quantity available can be determined at the beginning of the winter grazing period," said Roger Gates, SDSU Extension Rangeland Management Specialist.

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Watch drought cycle before buying replacement cattle

Watch drought cycle before buying replacement cattle


Even though parts of Texas have received beneficial rainfall, experts urge cattle producers to be cautious when thinking about restocking herds. . . .Dr. Larry Redmon, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service state forage specialist, told beef producers at the recent Central Texas Cow-Calf Clinic in Milano that 71 percent of the state is abnormally dry.

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Beef Checkoff Dollars Fund Regional Outreach Events

Beef Checkoff Dollars Fund Regional Outreach Events

Beef Producer

State beef councils in Georgia and Minnesota have extended the reach of the Beef Checkoff Program through checkoff funds made available through the Federation Initiative Fund, which helps funnel beef checkoff dollars from cattle-producing states to states with large consumer populations.

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Grazing Conference Set For Feb. 5 In Indiana

Grazing Conference Set For Feb. 5 In Indiana

Hay and Forage Grower

Grazing expert Jim Gerrish will headline the Feb. 5 Southern Indiana Grazing Conference at the Simon J. Graber Community Building near Odon, IN.

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Now: Traditional British breeds change with the times; Then: Angus sale is discouraging

Now: Traditional British breeds change with the times; Then: Angus sale is discouraging

The Western Producer

The traditional British breeds of Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn have all enjoyed a period of popularity in Canada, where everyone wanted to hitch a wagon to their rising star.

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Don’t Skip the Preg Checks

Don’t Skip the Preg Checks

Dr. Ken McMillan

Progressive Farmer

The risk of pregnancy checking with rectal palpation by an experienced veterinarian has little or no effect on the embryo. One report noted about a 5% embryonic loss from day 28 to day 60, regardless of whether cows are palpated or not.

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The Economic Impact of a Bunch of Thirsty Oklahoma Cows

The Economic Impact of a Bunch of Thirsty Oklahoma Cows

Tulsa Public Radio

Cattle is big business in Oklahoma. . . .In 2013, the state ranked No. 5 in total heads of beef cattle — with 4.2 million heads that represent roughly 4.7 percent of the total U.S. cattle inventory, data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show.

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Shivering cattle means more expensive beef

Shivering cattle means more expensive beef


St. Louis Post Dispatch

As temperatures dipped to a record minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit, the crew at Dean Wang’s ranch in Baker, Mont., increased alfalfa-hay rations to give his cattle more energy during the arctic blast.

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Finishing dairy/beef crosses – a twist on an old idea

Finishing dairy/beef crosses – a twist on an old idea


Minnesota Farm Guide

The U.S. beef cow herd has declined 5 million cows since 2003, reducing the supply of feeder calves to provide the approximate 25 billion pounds of beef produced domestically. In spite of reduced feeder cattle supplies and the economic recession that has plagued the U.S. since 2008, demand for beef has remained in line with population increases.

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