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Baxter Black, DVM:  Lookin’ for Cowboys

Baxter Black, DVM:  Lookin’ for Cowboys

So there I was, changing planes in the DFW Texas airport. A twenty-something lady looked up and said, “Well, it’s good to see a cowboy again.”

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High Input Prices Indicate the Need to Work on Business

High Input Prices Indicate the Need to Work on Business

Walt Davis


With cattle prices in the stratosphere and costs of inputs following right along beside, and sometimes racing ahead — funny how that seems to happen — maybe it is time to re-evaluate some of the prevailing wisdom in the cattle business.

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“All I’m Asking for is a Little Respect”

“All I’m Asking for is a Little Respect”

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

Farm families across Indiana and the Midwest have been having increasing problems with trespassing.  From driving vehicles across fields, to dumping litter in pastures, to hunting without permission, trespassing has and continues to be a serious issue for farms both large and small. A bill that would toughen trespassing laws and stiffen penalties for damage caused on farms is currently moving through the Indiana General Assembly. 

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ISU Releases New Feedlot Monitoring Software

ISU Releases New Feedlot Monitoring Software

Patti Upmeyer

Vinton Today

The Iowa Beef Center is releasing a newly revised version of their Feedlot Monitoring Software in February 2014. The ISU Feedlot and Cost Monitoring Software was initially created in 1982 and has been used by cattle feeders to track costs, profits and performance since.

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Texas Ranchers at Odds on Labeling Livestock’s Mexican Roots

Texas Ranchers at Odds on Labeling Livestock’s Mexican Roots

Alan Bjerga


Ranch manager Ty Keeling trucks young cattle from as far south as Veracruz, Mexico — a 30-hour journey along cactus-lined highways — to be fattened in the Texas pastures he oversees.

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Several Educational Opportunities Coming Up for Nebraska Beef Producers

Several Educational Opportunities Coming Up for Nebraska Beef Producers

Jordan Onwiler


Round-table events will be held across the state this February to give those who work in the beef feedlot industry a chance to learn about the latest business trends. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln extension is hosting the events on Feb. 11 at the Prairie Winds Community Center in Bridgeport, Feb. 12 at the Holiday Inn Express in Lexington, and Feb. 13 at the Nielsen Community Center in West Point.

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California’s drought means some ranchers can’t afford to feed their cattle

California’s drought means some ranchers can’t afford to feed their cattle

Jason Dearen

Daily Bulletin

In January, business at the 101 Livestock Market’s cattle auction on California’s Central Coast is usually slow. The busy season is normally in June or July, when ranchers have had time to fatten their animals for weeks on spring grasses.

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2014 Elected Board of Directors Announced

2014 Elected Board of Directors Announced


Members of the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) recently elected four new members to serve a three-year term on the IBBA Board of Directors. The directors will be officially inducted at the IBBA annual business meeting March 6, 2014, in Houston, Texas.

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Success Comes When Livestock Producers & Their DVMs Are Partners

Success Comes When Livestock Producers & Their DVMs Are Partners

W. Mark Hilton


Two rather disappointing phone calls that I received from clients recently, along with a discussion among veterinarians at the recent meeting of the Academy of Veterinary Consultants (AVC), an organization of “beef veterinarians,” prompted this article.

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Alternatives for marketing backgrounded calves

Alternatives for marketing backgrounded calves


Beef cattle producers that braved the weather to attend the Range Beef Cow Symposium had the opportunity to listen to top-notch speakers. A common theme across many of these speakers, and especially from the producers, was the importance of capturing added value in the cattle they sell.

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