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Baxter Black, DVM: The Ultimate in Passenger Discomfort

Baxter Black, DVM: The Ultimate in Passenger Discomfort

I fly a lot of miles on a lot of airlines, My best estimate is that I have boarded over 2,500 different flights over the years.

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Feeding Cows for Cold Weather

Feeding Cows for Cold Weather

Steve Tonn

Beef Today

The cold blast we had in December makes us think there is more cold weather ahead. When feeding cows we need to consider the effect of weather conditions. Dr. Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist, offers these tips for feeding cows in cold weather.

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Cattle EPD/Genetics School set for Jan. 23

Cattle EPD/Genetics School set for Jan. 23

High Plains Journal

As the spring bull-buying season approaches, make sure you are ready to make the best genetic decisions for your operation. The age of technology has brought us more information then ever on the potential performance of young bulls, but at the same time has made selection of the best bull confusing.

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Diagnosing a Limp

Diagnosing a Limp

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Sometimes, the reason for a limp is as simple as having something in the hoof. I have removed tacks and nails, especially big-headed roofing nails, from cows’ feet. So take a look and see if she has managed to step on something.

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Extreme Winter Weather May Mean Extra Feed for Livestock

Extreme Winter Weather May Mean Extra Feed for Livestock

Tracy Turner

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Colder, icy, harsh winter weather means producers need to be aware of increased livestock energy requirements to ensure their animals are able to withstand the extreme outdoor conditions, according to a forage expert from the Ohio State University (OSU) College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

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Be Ready to Warm Cold-stressed Calves This Season

Be Ready to Warm Cold-stressed Calves This Season

Glenn Selk

Beef Producer

As the chilly weather sets in, producers know it won’t be long before calves start to arrive. But extremely cold winter nights can threaten calves’ well-being, and reviving newborns from cold stress is a serious task.

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Brazil beef exports pose threat – but not to US

Brazil beef exports pose threat – but not to US


A controversial proposal to allow Brazilian beef into the US would have limited impact on world market dynamics – but that would not be the case if China and Saudi Arabia followed suit.

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Energy Crop To Be Used As Livestock Feed

Energy Crop To Be Used As Livestock Feed

Florrie Kohn

Hay and Forage Producer

In the Arizona desert, the first U.S. commercial plantings of Giant King Grass are being established – for use as livestock feed first, and hopefully as a renewable energy feedstock in the future. That’s according to Carl Kukkonen, CEO of Viaspace, which owns the rights to Giant King Grass.

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Supplementing Poor Forage

Supplementing Poor Forage

Caleb Grooms


In cattle production, profit depends on achieving a marketable calf per cow bred, as well as increasing production efficiency on existing forage sources. Not all land set aside for cattle grazing contains optimal forage sources.

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Beef school will address timely topics

Beef school will address timely topics

Rory Lewandowski

The Daily Record

The Ohio State University Extension beef team is sponsoring a three-session beef school that will address some current and timely topics related to beef cattle production. The three sessions will be held the evenings of Jan. 28, Feb. 18 and March 11.

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