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Let the Old Girls Work

Let the Old Girls Work

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Bob Riser admits to a certain reluctance to cull a good cow, even if she’s past the 10-year mark. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t looking to put wheels under any cow who looks like she’s going to be trouble.

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Consider Hay Quality

Consider Hay Quality

James Neel

Angus Journal

The frequency and amount of rain experienced this past spring and summer in Tennessee and nearby states resulted in a large amount of forage growth. That is the good news. The bad news is that the precipitation interfered with hay harvest.

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BeefTalk: What’s Changing in the Beef Industry?

BeefTalk: What’s Changing in the Beef Industry?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

What is changing in the beef industry? Reviewing the data from the Cow Herd Appraisal of Performance Software (CHAPS) program, beef herds seem to be fairly constant. The reproductive performance based on cows exposed is remarkably sound, and the output, as measured by age adjusted weaning weight, is holding consistent and maybe even showing a slightly increasing trend.

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Keeping It Consistant

Keeping It Consistant

Miranda Reiman

Cattle Today

After living through the summer of 2012, a farmer in my area might be tempted to plant longer season corn. That year it warmed up early, was a hot dry summer that stretched well into fall. The 117-day varieties out-performed the 112-day ones that are common in central Nebraska.

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What is “Sustainable” Beef?

What is “Sustainable” Beef?

Food, Nutrition and Science

In a recent episode of the TV hit sitcom Modern Family, one of the main character’s neighbors scolded him for being less than “green." While Mitch offered up the fact that he is an environmental lawyer who recycles and drives a Prius, his neighbor one-upped him with his solar-powered house, biodiesel-fueled car and cactus-landscaped yard. Which neighbor was living a more sustainable lifestyle? It depends on your definition of the word “sustainable” itself.

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Decreasing calving losses

Decreasing calving losses

Catalina Cabrera        

Progressive Cattleman

With calving season upon us for the spring-calving operations, producers, ranchers, cowboys and veterinarians are all on alert. Things can go wrong, and no one wants to risk losing the calf, the dam or in the worst scenario, both.

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Fetal Programming of Beef Cattle

Fetal Programming of Beef Cattle

Tom Hamilton

Canadian Cattleman

Beef improvement programs have traditionally focused on genetic selection. Recent advances in genomics has accelerated selection by allowing us to identify key differences in the DNA of an individual animal’s DNA sequence. Wow! — being able to “look” right into an animal’s DNA.

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Be aware as the season for grass tetany nears

Be aware as the season for grass tetany nears

Mark Keaton

Baxter Bulletin

Beef cattle producers can expect grass tetany to become more of a threat to their animals as soon as green grass begins emerging in pastures. Tetany isn’t unique to poorly run cattle and forage operations. It occurs often on better managed farms, where the soil gets high rates of nitrogen and potassium from poultry litter or commercial fertilizer.

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The drought that ate the US herd

The drought that ate the US herd


Queensland Country Life (AU)

TEXAS, USA, and Queensland, Australia, are half a world apart, but their beef industries are strikingly similar. And not just because of the big hats. Texas in early 2014 has been through the sort of industry-changing drought that is tearing the heart out of Queensland’s beef industry, and can offer a view from the other side.

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Black-hided cattle bring higher prices

Black-hided cattle bring higher prices

The Hennessey Clipper

Cattle prices have been setting new records almost every week this year. Feeder cattle futures have topped $170 per hundred weight and cash feeder prices are making local ranchers smile. The black cattle keep bringing the premiums as well.

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