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See the list of drugs the USDA still allows to be used in cattle

See the list of drugs the USDA still allows to be used in cattle

Thomas Henry

Natural News

Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

One of the most controversial drug additives are the beta-agonists (also known as beta blockers) which target beta-adrenoceptors in the heart, muscles, lungs and other tissues, and generally interfere with stress hormones. They also allow for an amazing amount of lean muscle weight to be added to livestock in the final period before slaughter – about 30 pounds on average for beef cattle.

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A Bull Purchase Is More Than Just Buying Genetics

A Bull Purchase Is More Than Just Buying Genetics

Wes Ishmael


On one hand, bulls are worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for them, no more and no less. On the other hand, considering their contribution to a herd’s genetics, they’re priceless.

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Understand “normal” calving

Understand “normal” calving

Glenn Selk


Understanding “normal” will help us better recognize problems when they occur and therefore provide assistance when necessary. The process of “calving” (or formally known as parturition) is generally divided into three stages.

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Country of Origin Labeling Creates Sticky Situation for Livestock Interests

Country of Origin Labeling Creates Sticky Situation for Livestock Interests

Janell Baum

Beef Producer

Representatives from two large livestock organizations on Tuesday said the Country of Origin Labeling provisions in the 2014 farm bill will be the single element that causes them to oppose the entire bill.

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Where meat does its homework

Where meat does its homework

David Cooper   

Progressive Cattleman

If you’re in the beef business, odds are your cattle profits had something to do with a remote government operation in the eastern Nebraska plains. The U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (MARC), located in Clay Center – some 60 miles from Lincoln – plays a unique role as the scientific beehive for today’s beef industry.

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Advanced Bull Selection Clinic to Cover Genomics, $Values, and Synchronization

Advanced Bull Selection Clinic to Cover Genomics, $Values, and Synchronization

Sherry Hoyer

Iowa Beef Center

With bull sale season upon us, Iowa State University (ISU) beef extension staff will be prepping producers for the gamut of information headed their way in A.I. books and sale catalogs. Two meetings have been planned for producers wanting to learn more about genomic-enhanced EPDs, how to implement $Value Indexes into selection methods, and estrus synchronization program options.

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‘Frostbite on their teats’ and other cold weather farming issues

‘Frostbite on their teats’ and other cold weather farming issues

Ryan Goodman


Last year we talked about how there is no such thing as a snow day on the farm or ranch. Livestock must still be fed, equipment must still be maintained, and preparations for the next growing season continue. All of that work becomes much more difficult when the mercury drops well below zero degrees.

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FDA Found Drugs Used In Food Animals To Be ‘High Risk’

FDA Found Drugs Used In Food Animals To Be ‘High Risk’

Dan Charles and Eliza Barclay


Documents show that Food and Drug Administration scientists allowed 18 drugs to be sold to farmers despite a risk to human health. Critics say the agency now needs to get companies to commit to phasing out the drugs given to animals at low doses to make them grow faster.

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The year of the heifer

The year of the heifer

Gene Johnston


It’s going to happen in 2014, say the market specialists at CattleFax. Over the last 8-10 years, while there have been plenty of cattle price signals to expand the beef herd, two things have conspired against it: long-term drought, and high feed costs. Both are finally starting to work in favor of cattlemen.

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KOMA Beef Cattle Conference

KOMA Beef Cattle Conference

Laura Mushrush


Beef Quality Assurance: “Producing safe, wholesome beef that will provide an enjoyable eating experience and comes from cattle that have been properly cared for from conception to consumption.”

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