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Check Corn for Mycotoxins

Check Corn for Mycotoxins


To properly blend mycotoxin contaminated corn, Thaler said it is essential to know exactly how much mycotoxin and what type is in the grain. To properly sample your grain, take samples from several different locations in the bin or load, and then send them in a cloth bag to a certified lab for analysis.

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Fed Cattle Hit Record Highs for Two Consecutive Weeks

Fed Cattle Hit Record Highs for Two Consecutive Weeks

Greg Henderson

AG Web

Cash fed cattle prices eclipsed last week’s all-time record by posting gains of $3 to $4 per hundredweight this week. Packers came into the market early and often this week in an attempt to fill orders.

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Webinar Considers Herd Expansion

Webinar Considers Herd Expansion

Wes Ishmael


Glynn Tonsor, Kansas State University livestock economist, will offer perspective on the prospect of herd expansion in 2014 as part of the hour-long, quarterly Beef Cattle Economics Webinar Nov. 5.

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Stevens County ranch has the Belgian Blues

Stevens County ranch has the Belgian Blues


Garden City Telegram

Across these prairie pastures in southwest Kansas, the Kinsers’ cattle graze — but not the typical ones most see along Kansas roadways. These animals are chiseled like body builders. Their massive muscles explode on their frames.

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FDA Releases Proposed Animal Feed Rule Under FSMA

FDA Releases Proposed Animal Feed Rule Under FSMA

Beef Producer

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Friday announced a proposed rule under the Food Safety Modernization Act aimed at strengthening the safety of food for animals, including pet food and animal feed.

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State eyes regional economic impact from cattle losses

State eyes regional economic impact from cattle losses

Lura Roti

Butte County Post

Three weeks after the Oct. 4 and 5 disaster, the economic impact on ranchers and their families – like the livestock death toll – remains a climbing estimate.

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The latest on bull selection

The latest on bull selection

The Wichita Eagle

A herd bull is a key investment for cattle producers and several factors come into consideration when deciding on which one is best for an operation, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts.

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Cattle Rustling Up in California as Beef Prices Rise

Cattle Rustling Up in California as Beef Prices Rise


Greg Lawley, chief of the state’s Bureau of Livestock Identification, said 1,317 head of cattle were stolen or reported missing last year. He told the Sacramento Bee that it’s a 22 percent increase from pre-recession numbers.

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New weed control tech

New weed control tech

Calvin Daniels

Yorkton This Week

While farmers work hard each year to maximize yields, yields ultimately impacted by nature more than most things producers do, one thing remains constant, weeds grow under just about every condition conceivable.

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