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Stovalls acquire Leachman Ranch

Stovalls acquire Leachman Ranch

Maria E. Tussing

The Cattle Business Weekly

The Leachman Home Place Ranch, 16 miles southeast of Billings, Mont., is going to see some changes. The 45,000-plus acres-including 9,500 deeded acres and more than 30,000 acres of Crow Indian Reservation leases, formerly operated by Leachman Cattle Company- have been tied up in financial and legal knots for years.

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Steve Cornett: More Hot Jobs Stuff

Steve Cornett: More Hot Jobs Stuff

The Senate is about to extend unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed. Without passing along any opinions your correspondent may have on that matter, let us agree that such action pretty well renders moot many of the comments filed after last week’s post about the chances of Arizona’s 300,000 unemployed people filling 50,000 seasonal jobs in agriculture.

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Problems and Solutions for Maintaining Pregnancy Rates in Summer Heat

Problems and Solutions for Maintaining Pregnancy Rates in Summer Heat

Select Sires

Herd Bulls Can’t Cure Summer Heat Problems For two reasons:

   1. Summer breeding problems are usually a reflection of cow fertility, and

   2. Bulls get heat stressed too!

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Flash in the Pan-The problem with grass-fed beef

Flash in the Pan-The problem with grass-fed beef

Ari LeVaux

Missoula Independent

Arapaho Ranch produces the kind of beef your inner cowboy wants to eat. With 595,000 acres sprawling across Wyoming’s wild and rugged Owl Mountains, the ranch is home to native grasses, wolves, mountain lions and grizzlies. The cattle are herded by American Indian cowboys, each with his own fleet of seven horses—one for each day of the week.

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Black Ink-Sorting

Black Ink-Sorting

Miranda Reiman

Certified Angus Beef

Low-stress cattle handling is becoming a mainstream practice, but have you ever thought about the ultimate low-stress sorting system—right from your computer?

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BeefTalk: For the Bulls, It Is Time to Come Home

BeefTalk: For the Bulls, It Is Time to Come Home

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

It seems like yesterday that the cattle were sorted and sent to grass. The summer has been good because of reasonable rain showers, moderate temperatures and good grass growth.

Because of this, pulling cattle out of summer pasture is not real popular. At the Dickinson Research Extension Center, we are starting to pull the bulls.

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Judge grades steers with hands-on approach

Judge grades steers with hands-on approach

Barbara Duckworth


Beef was the theme at the Calgary Stampede Steer Classic held July 17.

Before selecting his champions, judge Cam Sparrow explained how he expected these cattle to fit into the beef grading system. Most would grade well, he said, but he had concerns about the muscling in some.

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USDA Employees’ Resignation Center of Firestorm

USDA Employees’ Resignation Center of Firestorm

Hoosier AG Today

  U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack has discussed a unique opportunity at USDA with the department employee forced to resign this week. Shirley Sherrod was in the hot seat because of a speech given at a past NAACP banquet.

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Small meat lockers fading

Small meat lockers fading

Codi Vallery-Mills

The Cattle Business Weekly

In 2007 the Locavore Food Movement, which encourages people to eat food grown within 150 miles of their homes, began and Farmers Markets have since seen a boon in new shoppers and campaigns like Buy Fresh, Buy Local are popping up in several states.

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R-CALF Proposes Renegotiation of FTAs

R-CALF Proposes Renegotiation of FTAs


R-CALF USA sent a letter to President Obama Tuesday saying the Free Trade Agreements between the U.S. and South Korea, Colombia and Panama must be renegotiated to incorporate provisions recognizing the unique characteristics of the U.S. cattle industry if the Administration is serious about revitalizing the largest segment of American ag.

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Our corn dependence is destroying us

Our corn dependence is destroying us


Burlington Free Press

Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

Not many people know that our nation depends mostly on corn, and even fewer know that it has slowly been destroying us, as well. Hundreds of thousands of acres of corn are planted and harvested annually, and we use it for many things.

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Cattle handling at California State Fair

Cattle handling at California State Fair

Red Bluff Daily News

The California State Fair and the California Beef Council are teaming with industry partners to present the Stockmanship and Stewardship Tour, an educational cattle-handling seminar at the California State Fair at 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, July 24-25.

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NCBA Says Extended Comment Period would Benefit All

NCBA Says Extended Comment Period would Benefit All


After the Livestock Subcommittee’s Hearing on the Farm Bill and the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Act – the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is glad to see Congress bringing attention to the serious issue – according to NCBA Vice President of Government Affairs Colin Woodall.

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Use of Sexed Semen in Beef Cattle Can Be Beneficial

Use of Sexed Semen in Beef Cattle Can Be Beneficial

Heather Smith Thomas

Cattle Today

The first sex-selected calf conceived from frozen sexed semen was born in the early 1990’s, and in 2004 this technology became commercially available. Sexed semen has been used the most by dairymen, since it’s more desirable to produce heifer calves than bulls in that industry.

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Where’s the beef? Not at the Commonwealth Games

Where’s the beef? Not at the Commonwealth Games


Beef will not be served at any of the catering outlets during the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi in October, organizers have confirmed.

The cow is worshipped in India and a majority of Hindus do not eat beef. The slaughter of cattle is also banned in several states.

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