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Baxter Black, DVM:  THE LAST LAUGH

Baxter Black, DVM:  THE LAST LAUGH

The owner told Warren that Della had a reputation of being hard to shoe. She was an 18 year old mare whose foals were sought after for the cutting genes she passed down.

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How far does your food travel? A study follows Minnesota beef

How far does your food travel? A study follows Minnesota beef

Rachel Hutton


Is local always better? Not necessarily in terms of transportation fuel use, a recent USDA report determined. MPR looked into details of the report, recently produced by several economists and academics, including a few contributors from the U of M, and the distinction it makes between between the idea of total food miles and the amount of transportation fuel burned per pound of food.

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Cystic Ovarian Disease

Cystic Ovarian Disease

Dr. D. A. Coleman, West Virginia University

Older cows have a higher incidence of ovarian cysts with a cumulative rate of 50% over 11 years. Incidence increases up to the fourth or fifth lactation in dairy cows. Beef cows develop cysts after 4 to 6 years of age even if never bred.

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Cattle producers battling eye irritations in herds

Cattle producers battling eye irritations in herds

David Burton

Springfield News Leader

Most Missouri cattle producers find themselves doing battle this summer with eye irritations in their herds, according to Eldon Cole, a livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

"The source of the irritations likely is the pinkeye bacteria, Moraxella bovis," said Cole

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New Fencing Technology Adds Life to Operation

New Fencing Technology Adds Life to Operation

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

Most have had a favorite work shirt, sweat shirt or jacket that is worn until the threads are coming loose, but it is still part of the wardrobe. Some have a pocket knife that was given to them by a mentor, family member or another person viewed with respect and would spend hours trying to find it if it got misplaced.

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Kansas heat wave has killed 2,000 cattle: state

Kansas heat wave has killed 2,000 cattle: state

Bob Burgdorfer


The intense heat and humidity that blanketed central Kansas since late last week have killed more than 2,000 cattle and one state official called the heat-related losses the worst in his 17 years on the job.

However, conditions for the cattle improved somewhat on Tuesday as the humidity has decreased and the wind has picked up, state and feedlot sources said.

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Young Rancher Needs

Young Rancher Needs

Gary DiGiuseppe

American Cattlemen

Traci Bruckner has a lot of experience with beginning cattle operations. As assistant director of the rural policy program at the Center for Rural Affairs, the Wayne, Neb. native helped lobby for the beginning farmer and rancher provisions in the 2008 Farm Bill; she’s also served on USDA’s Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Advisory Committee 2007-09, and at one time she and her husband had their own cow/calf operation.

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Healthy approach paid off for ‘Laura’ when making lean beef saved the farm

Healthy approach paid off for ‘Laura’ when making lean beef saved the farm

Ken Neuhauser

Louisville Courier Journal

Queen-of-lean Laura Freeman never envisioned herself a future farmer of America, even though for six generations her family had operated Mount Folly Farm, a diversified farm primarily in the cattle business near Winchester, Ky.

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Leader-Follower Grazing Adds Gains

Leader-Follower Grazing Adds Gains

Hay and Forage Grower

Beef calves gained an extra half-pound a day when given first chance to graze the next forage paddock, says Rob Kallenbach, University of Missouri Extension forage specialist.

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Purchase or produce hay?

Purchase or produce hay?

Jeffrey R. Stapper, Nueces County Extension Agent-Ag/Natural Resources

Southwest Farm Press

When one looks at best management practices on a cattle operation that could improve profitability, several strategies could be evaluated including adjusting stocking rates, bull soundness exams, pregnancy testing, culling open cows, and purchasing versus producing quality hay.

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Mineral management considerations

Mineral management considerations

Steve Paisley

Tri State Livestock News

Over the last few weeks I have been working with my fellow ag economist and graduate students in developing new, updated beef cow-calf financial budgets for Wyoming. It’s been sobering work.

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Bad Habits Are Hard To Break, But – Good Habits Maximize Fertility

Bad Habits Are Hard To Break, But – Good Habits Maximize Fertility

Mel DeJarnette, reproductive specialist, Select Sires

Have you ever stopped to notice in the morning which leg you put into your pants first, which arm goes into your shirt first or which shoe goes on first? Chances are you go through the exact same routine every morning without realizing it.

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Farm American Car Ready to Run Brickyard 400

Farm American Car Ready to Run Brickyard 400

Matt Kaye

Hoosier AG TOday

Indiana farmers who already have their favorite NASCAR driver might want to include car #78 during this Sunday’s Brickyard 400 when that car debuts its new Farm American paint scheme. Regan Smith’s Furniture Row Racing Chevrolet will honor America’s farmers and ranchers with its color scheme of green, yellow, blue and white on the hood and its “Farm American” theme ‘Cultivating the Future’ on the rear quarter panel.

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Is there a delay before placing cattle back on pasture after fertilizing?

Q&A: Is there a delay before placing cattle back on pasture after fertilizing? If so, how long?

Steve Wikse, College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University

The Eagle

As long as recommended amounts of fertilizer are properly applied, there is no need to delay placing cattle back on pasture after fertilizing.

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Weevils In Feed

Q&A: I bought some feed for my cows and horses that had weevils in it. The store told me they would give me a discount and that it would not hurt my livestock.

Dr. Ken McMillan


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