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Video Feature: Antibiotics provide solutions

Video Feature: Antibiotics provide solutions

There is much discussion surrounding the use of antibiotics in food producing animals and the risk of resistance that may result. According to Dr. Scott Hurd of Iowa State University, the risk is very minimal and well offset by the benefits that antibiotics provide in regard to the welfare of our animals and food safety.

Q&A: What is the best way to treat footrot?

Q&A: What is the best way to treat footrot?

Just Answer

There are certainly a few different treatments for footrot. One of the best medication called Nuflor. This is an antibiotic you can get from your vet that can be given subcutaneously and is labeled for footrot. Usually one dose and it works really well.

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Think Safety When Working Cattle

Think Safety When Working Cattle

Take precautions when working around cattle.

Anyone working with cattle needs to be vigilant about safety.

“Even experienced cattlemen and women can get hurt when dealing with cattle,” says Karl Hoppe, a livestock specialist at North Dakota State University’s Carrington Research Extension Center. “Young kids move too quickly and excite animals. The elderly don’t move fast enough and get too close to a placid cow’s flight zone.”

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Please, Just the Big Picture

Please, Just the Big Picture

John Harrington   


Sometimes I think the data airwaves are just too crowded these days. Numbers fly at us from all directions, hoping that sheer volume can ensure market clarity and successful decision-making.

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FDA seeks less use of antibiotics in animals to keep them effective for human

FDA seeks less use of antibiotics in animals to keep them effective for humans

Lyndsey Layton

Washington Post The Food and Drug Administration urged farmers on Monday to stop giving antibiotics to cattle, poultry, hogs and other animals to spur their growth, citing concern that drug overuse is helping to create dangerous bacteria that do not respond to medical treatment and endanger human lives.

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Grazing Small Ruminants With Cattle

Grazing Small Ruminants With Cattle


It is becoming more common for producers to use multi-species grazing — mixing sheep or goats together with cattle — to improve the use of forages and cut down on the expenses of mowing and spraying weeds in pasture.

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A call for an independent Federation of State Beef Councils

A call for an independent Federation of State Beef Councils

The Cattle Business Weekly

On June 22 the Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB) Executive Committee released its approved motion calling for the Federation of State Beef Councils to be a "strong, independent checkoff entity" that should be "separate from any policy organization."

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