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Video Feature: Drovers TV June 29th, 2010

Video Feature:  Drovers TV June 29th, 2010

In this episode of Drovers TV

-CSU’s Temple Grandin on animal welfare issues
-Carl Bollum, Sales Engineer, BCF Technologies, outlines the use of ultrasound for pregnancy testing in cattle.
-Rick Borgioni discusses the importance of weed control in forage production.
-Clint Berry, Commercial Marketing Director, Red Angus Association of America, discusses genetic selection.

Permanent Identification Starts with a Successful Tattoo

Permanent Identification Starts with a Successful Tattoo

American Hereford Association

Tattooing can be done any time before registering, although it’s best done when the animals are young. Twig Marston, director of the Northeast Extension and Research Center and professor of ruminant nutrition for the University of Nebraska, recommends tattooing calves before 3 months of age.

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Remove Bales Soon After Harvest

Remove Bales Soon After Harvest

Dr. Bruce Anderson, Professor of Agronomy, University of Nebraska

Bales and stacks of hay left in the middle of fields have to be removed sometime. After the final cutting for the year, it may not matter too much if they set there for a while. But when more harvests are expected off that field, delaying removal can be harmful.

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Steps to Establish and Maintain Legume-Grass Pastures

Steps to Establish and Maintain Legume-Grass Pastures

S.K. Barnhart, extension agronomist.

Take soil samples before preparing seedbed, clearing brush, or filling gullies. Lime and fertilizer according to needs shown by soil test. Apply lime and fertilizer before plowing or heavy discing. Soil pH and fertility deficiencies may be connected more rapidly with application of lime and fertilizers with fall tillage, although this may not be desirable on steeply sloping land.

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Calving season proves challenging for some producers in 2010

Calving season proves challenging for some producers in 2010

AG Answers

Exceptionally cold weather made the 2010 calving season tougher than the last several years for many beef producers, said Purdue Extension beef specialist Ron Lemenager.

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Into the abattoir

Into the abattoir

Jay Rayner

The Guardian (UK)

I am looking at my dinner. Nothing new there; I stare at my dinner a lot. The difference here is that it still has a pulse. It is a rather gorgeous, rusty-brown coloured, 13-month-old Limousin cow, dark of eye and furry of coat, and tagged with the number 365. With the help of butcher Paul Nicholson, I have just selected 365 to go for slaughter.

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Cover Crops Increase Water Infiltration

Cover Crops Increase Water Infiltration

The Cattle Business Weekly

Cover crops have been a part of Jason Frerichs’ pasture management plan since he returned to his family’s farm near Wilmot three years ago.

"I’m always looking for ways to provide more forage for the cattle," says Frerichs, 25, who raises a 150-head commercial cow/calf operation and works as an agriculture instructor and FFA advisor at Lake Area Technical Institute.

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